Monday, December 7, 2009

Emily's 11th Birthday

Emily turned 11 on November 30. It was a nice relaxing day. The girls talked me in to giving them the day off of school. But not without promises that they would still finish up their school week on time. Of course, we had to have dirt cake. I told them that I am banning dirt cake for the 2010 year. I never thought it would be possible to get sick of dirt cake. But we have a lot of birthdays at our house and everyone always wants dirt cake. I went to make her cake and then realized I forgot to buy cool whip. So Josh took me out for lunch(nice!) and we picked up some cool whip. Then I made the cake and realized I didn't have any gummy worms. So that explains the Fruit Smiles smiley face. It worked though, Em didn't mind!

Every year I like to tell Emily about the day she was born. I think her birth sticks in my head so much because she was early and it was so unexpected. She was 2 1/2 weeks early and I was not expecting her yet at all, Brooke was 2 days late after all. On Sunday I was planning to talk to a friend of mine and make sure it was okay to call her in the middle of the night to watch Brooke if I went into labor. Well, they weren't in church that day so I didn't get to ask her and wouldn't you know that at 2:30 the next morning I woke up and my water broke! I was shivering, which I know now is because I was in such a late stage of labor. So I went to wake Josh up. I told him my water broke and I was in labor. He just looked up and me and said that I looked cold and should go back to bed! Uh, yeah I don't think so buddy. So I called my friend and they couldn't watch Brooke because they were leaving for a funeral early in the morning. My other close friend lived way out at the base. So at 3:30 in the morning, I called my neighbor, a high school girl who babysat for us and asked her to come over and watch Brooke. Then we called Josh's mom and she said she could come right away and be there in time for the babysitter to make it to school. So we were set, off to the hospital to have a baby. I am in intense labor and wouldn't you know, our street was blocked because they were clearing snow! So down the back alleys we went. We made it to the hospital, dilated to 8, yay! And not long after a little before 5:30 a.m. our little Emily Rose was born. What a wonderful, blessed day! Here was our second daughter who we tried for almost two years to conceive! Such and special blessing, and she still is...every single day. I love you Emily, Happy Birthday!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ready For Trick Or Treating

Lydia the Little Lamb

Grace the softball player

Emily the monkey trainer...notice the matching outfits!

Sophia the ladybug, butterfly (with upside down angel wings), bunny. She wanted to be funny and make people laugh this year.

Allison the M&M

Trick or treating here is much different than what I experienced growing up. In town our goal was to go as long as we could and to as many houses as possible. We would come home with bags full of candy, but it sure took effort, especially if it was cold outside! Here in the country we go to twelve houses. It still takes quite a while but the kids get into the warm van for the drive from house to house. The funny thing is they come home with an unbelievable amount of candy! I was shocked my first year out here at how much people give. But because there are so few kids, people give very generously! Handfuls of mini candy bars at each stop. Sometimes juice boxes or a pop. Homemade popcorn balls, rice krispie bars, and cookies. Then there are stops at relatives houses, which gives bonuses of Cracker Jacks boxes and HUGE Hershey bars. Not king size, I'm talking the huge ones used for cooking. One for each kid. Which is great because we usually have a baby that can't eat one so Josh and I get to fight over it! The kids love to go around and get all the candy but it is so much fun for the parents, too. We know every house we go to so it is the one time a year when we get to see our neighbors and have a quick visit. Oh, and this year was extra special because Jeff and Macy showed up at our door as we were leaving and the kids got to trick or treat around our area together!

Finished Product

Grace and Jack

Emily and Jack

Sophia and Jack

Allison and Jack

Carving Pumpkins

Halloween Dance

Brooke had her first dance the Friday before Halloween. It was a Halloween dance in Alexander. They were supposed to dress up, which I don't understand because high school girls are much too concerned about looking cute to really dress up for Halloween. So I'm not sure what we decided she dressed up as. Something like mix matched or something. Various colors and patterns. But I thought she ended up looking pretty cute in the hat. It was so strange to be driving her over for a school dance. When we arrived in the parking lot and I saw a couple older high school boys get out of their pick up I told her I could just take her home if she didn't really want to go! Of course that was not an option! So I let her go. She had a blast and yes she even danced with boys. I think all the kids had a good time hanging out and dancing and visiting. Now she is just looking forward to the next one!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Be careful what you pray for.

Josh has been working out of town. He is gone for one week and then home for a week. He came home from work on Monday night excited that his rig is going back up next week, but the bad news was that he had to work in Williston the rest of the week. I was pretty dissapointed because I always look forward to a little bit of help when he is off. But, the extra money is always needed so I sucked it up and was happy that he was going to make more money and still have the weekend off. So he comes home tonight and says he has to work out of town again, starting tomorrow morning, possibly through the weekend and then start on his old rig on Monday. UGH! I was trying to not pout and be pathetic, knowing he was just as depressed about it as I was. And then it came to is my fault. Yep, that is right, it is all my fault. I have been praying for more money so we can become completely debt free. I told Josh this and he thanked me for praying for that and said maybe I should start praying for the kids to stay healthy or something. I think I will go that route. Or maybe if I was more specific. Because really, I was meaing to pray that the money would just miraculously show up in our bank account. I guess maybe I will listen to him and just pray for the kids' health.


How to decide whether to vaccinate or not? I debated about this and decided to just do it this week. So we left after lunch for Watford today. A 38 mile drive. A one hour and 15 minute wait OUTSIDE. SIX forms to fill out. Like I can remember all of the girls' birthdays! But we were third in line so that was nice. Filled out the paperwork and just like that the kids are all immunized. Well, if you know Allison, you know she just loves to leave the house. So we said we were going to get shots and she just couldn't wait. She kept saying she needed to see the Dr. because she is sooooo sick. But as soon as we walked inside she started freaking out. Crying and saying she didn't want to go in. Thankfully she settled down while I filled out the forms. I tried remembering all I had read about the vaccine and if they should get the shot or the nasal form. But when they said that all of them except Lydia could get the nasal mist, I was so relieved! It was a piece of cake! Only Lydia was stuck with the shot, and that was enough for me! So now, the four youngest need to go back in four weeks for another one. I hope they have the nasal mist then, too! Now we just need to avoid the swine flu for the next two weeks and we should be good to go. No side effects so far. Pray that it stays that way!

Tim McGraw

Okay, so I admit it, I have a crush on Tim McGraw. But it is all good because Josh has a long time crush on his wife, Faith Hill. So this afternoon I turned on my DVR of Tim McGraw singing on Jay Leno last night. I said I thought he is REALLY cute. Sophia looks at the tv and says, "I wish he was my dad." Oh too funny. I ask her "Really? You wish he was your dad?" She says, "Yeah, I wish I could have two daddies, dad and him." Oh Sophia, me too, honey, me too. ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"I want to be like Brookie"

Tonight after bathtime, Sophia came out in a tank top and sweat pants instead of pajamas. I asked her what she was doing, she was supposed to be in her pajamas. She told me well this is what Brooke wears. Apparently she has taken note that Brooke always lounges in her sweats before bed. I was about to send her to change when she told me "I want to be like Brookie". All I could do was smile and let her stay in her sweats. How precious that she looks up to her older sister like that. I told Brooke what she said and she immediately said that she didn't realize what an influence she had on Sophia and that she had better be careful to be a good influence. So later this evening, Sophia came up to me and said, "Mom, your shirt is on fire!" (Fire Prevention Week was not long ago.) So I got up and did the Stop, Drop, and Roll. Then I told Sophia she was on fire so she could Stop, Drop, and Roll. Sophia then looks at Brooke and tells her that she is on fire. She started to say she wasn't playing and then she remembered how Sophia looks up to her so she did her Stop, Drop, and Roll. How precious that she cares that much about her little sister!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where does the time go?

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last post. So much for keeping things current. Dare I say not much has changed since May? Now I finally have some time to post on here and my mind is blank. Wonderful. I am getting old. And very forgetful. I forgot to call Josh back again tonight. This is a new thing for me and I am not sure if it is good or bad. Usually I am waiting for the time when I can call him or when he is going to call. But tonight was the second time in the last month or so that I was supposed to call him back and I forgot. Oops. He just laughs at me and says that he is glad that I am not sitting around miserable while he is gone. I can appreciate that. But it makes me wonder what is going on because that is so NOT like me. I usually am miserable waiting to talk to him, always watching the clock. I am not sure what has changed. Maybe I am just getting used to him being gone. Or maybe it is just the business of my life. But I guess it is okay, it just seems strange.

Well, when all else fails, it helps to look at photos to see what has been going on!

Brooke got to go on her first real hunt with Josh a couple weeks ago. She didn't actually hunt because she needs to get a little better with her bow first. But she and Josh went shopping for more camo clothes for her and they got all their no scent clothes on and went out to sit a couple nights. She had a blast. When she got home, even she was surprised at how much fun it was. She really enjoyed just being out there in nature. She loved seeing the deer. I had to laugh because the second night I guess Josh fell asleep and when he woke up she fell asleep and she slept through all the deer coming out! Sounds like I could handle this bow hunting thing!!

And here is Lydia's first bath in the big tub. She had such fun in her new bath seat. Well, new to her anyway. She loves bathtime in the big tub, especially because now she gets to take a bath with Allison and Sohpia!

Here is Lydia with her sweet cousin Bristol, Jonathan and Breanna's little girl. She is 3 1/2 months younger than Lydia. It is so fun to have another little baby around to watch grow up with Lydia. I just love how sweet they are next to each other in one picture and the next, it is like Lydia is going to get poor Bristol and she is looking like what the heck are you doing??? So much fun they are going to be!!

One Sunday there was coffee and cupcakes after church. When I arrived downstairs, the kids were all getting their cupcakes and Lydia was in the arms of Harlan, obviously a professional grandpa! I asked if he would like me to take her and he said "Oh no, when she cries, believe me you'll get her back." So I proceded to go sit by my friend Erica and we started visiting. Next thing we know, we look over because everyone is giggling, and there is little Miss Lydia with a big ring of frosting around her mouth! She and Harlan were having a grand ol' time sharing a cupcake. Okay, not exactly sharing, I think she managed to steal his cupcake. This was my little 7 month old baby who refused to eat any baby food for me at all. She would just spit it out! But she was going crazy over this frosting. When he would pull it away she would be waving her arms with her little mouth wide open trying to get more! It was so funny and we all enjoyed the entertainment. With the grin on his face, I am not sure who was having more fun, Harlan or Lydia. So just the other day, I was feeding Lydia some cupcake at Bristol's baptism and someone asked me if my first baby would have been eating that at that age. Nope. Let's just say that Harlan might be lucky that Lydia is my sixth baby and not my first!!!
Okay, my editing is getting all messed up and it is late so I should go to bed anyway. Now that I actually have more things in my mind to put on here! Oh well, hopefully I'll get more on here soon!

Friday, May 8, 2009


As of April 22 of this year, I have a fourteen year old. Wow, that is crazy! She had a nice birthday, or atleast I think she did. She woke up to the usual decorations and dirt cake for breakfast, and then of course opening gifts. According to her this was also the fourth anniversary of her having dirt cake for her birthday. I suppose I should have put an extra candle on the cake for that one. She did have to do school that day, and speech, and confirmation. But we ended the day with supper at the Powder Keg. A birthday can't get much better than that! Another big milestone for her is finishing up the eight grade and getting ready for high school. What?? High school?? It is true, we had her eighth grade recognition on May 5. It was a nice little service with seven other homeschoolers from the Williston area, and then cake and coffee afterwards. She does still have two weeks of school left. But then she will officially be a freshman in high school. I swear it seems like I just got out of high school. How can this be happening? But she is so excited. It is so fun to see her growing up and becoming a young lady. She will be taking driver's ed at the end of May. She is just dying to get her license. I am looking forward to a year down the road when I am not scared to death to ride with her. I just thank God that she is so responsible, it shouldn't be too much worry with her. So things are changing at our house. Our kids are growing up and we are just growing old. But what more could we ask for than these children who teach us so much about life. And oh the learning we have ahead of us! I am looking forward to the next four years with Brooke. I can't wait to see what kind of young adult she will become. What she becomes interested in and what she wants to do with her life. So as exciting as it is for her, it is also exciting for me, as her mother, the one who has nurtured her, and taught her all these fourteen years. All I can hope for is that she will always be happy and know that she has a whole great big family that will always love her and be here for her!

Love Story

Poor Sophia, being the fourth child, she is obviously quite neglected. She had a terrible time remembering that she was four. I don't know why, but her mind just couldn't get it. We would ask her how old she is and she would just pop off various numbers hoping one would be right. So, going on, being limited on time, she doesn't get much one-on-one learning time with me. She knows some letters and has started writing them and she basically knows the alphabet. But the other day we asked her to sing the alphabet and she started singing but quit after about the letter D. She said "No, I don't want to, I don't really know it." So instead she whips out the entire chorus of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" song word for word instead. It was absolutely hilarious. If only you could see her. She doesn't sing it like some cute little four year old singing twinkle twinkle. Oh no, she sings it like a 19 year old famous singer on stage. She's got the moves and the little whiny twang country singers tend to have. I guess that is what happens with child number four. I can't wait to see what number five and six have in store for us!


Lydia giggled for the first time today! She was fussing in her swing so I went over to get her so I could feed her, figuring she was hungry. But I kneeled in front of the swing and talked to her and she grinned so I kept it up and started acting like a goofy adult and she giggled! Oh it was so cute. She has come close before but the sound wouldn't really come out. But it did today! And Josh was even home from work to enjoy it. I love newborns, but babies get to be so much fun when you can actually play with them!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lydia Kay Paulson

Where does the time go? This first picture was taken the day Lydia was born, Valentine's Day, 2009. What a wonderful day. Such an easy and enjoyable birth, thanks to that great medical miracle called an epidural. :) I never thought a birth could be a fun social experience! My friend Brandy was with Josh and I. She walked the hospital halls with me for about 45 minutes while Josh napped in the hospital room. It was his week on at work so he was pretty tired. So we walked and talked. It is probably the first time ever that we were able to visit without any kids interupting us. Well, except for occasional contractions from Lydia! Labor got going pretty good after that so I went and got that wonderful epidural and not long after, our little Lydia was born at 1:28 p.m. weighing 5 lbs. 15 oz. How wonderful to experience a birth with no pain. It was beautiful to see her for the first time. So sweet and precious they are, and such a miracle. And now here we are, she will be 8 weeks tomorrow. The second picture was taken three days ago. How do they grow so fast? She is getting such personality now. She smiles and tries to talk to us. She is especially sweet for her daddy. He loves to give her little whisker rubs and she always coos at him. She is s
o funny already. I can't wait to see what she will be like in a year and then another year and on and on. And yet I already miss that little newborn baby I had such a short time ago.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Obviously Lying

Sophia was so funny tonight. I told her to go clean up before bed and she quickly returned to tell me she was all done, everything is all clean. I asked her if she was sure and she told me that yes, everything was all clean. But she followed with a very firm, DON'T CHECK. I said you know I'm going to check. No mom, DON'T CHECK. It was so funny. I said I'm going to check and she sighed and said ooohhh okaaaaay, and off she went to clean up. You know, I really wouldn't have checked if she hadn't told me not to. :)

Another Sophia funny. After washing her hands in the bathroom at the store today, she tried to get a paper towel to dry them. She found the paper towel machine and started jumping up waving her hand in front of it. But nothing would come out. She just couldn't understand why it wouldn't work. Turns out that it wasn't an automatic one and we had to actually push a button to get them out. Can you imagine such an old fashioned machine????

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Baby Update - 37 weeks

Well, I wish I had something exciting to report, but my appointment yesterday was the same old thing. Okay, as always, the ultrasound was fun. It is always fun to see the baby, especially in 3-D. But no pictures this week. She was hiding behind the placenta and had the cord across her face. Little stinker already...or maybe a shy one? She did great though, 8/8 on the BFP and great heart rates on the NST. Dr. said my sugars are holding in there so that is great. I thought for sure I had too many high readings. Other than that, not much exciting. Dilated to 2. Which for me is NOT exciting. I was hoping for a 3. Pathetic, I know. I am just so anxious to get this over with. And when we were at the hospital we could hear a new baby crying and oh it just made us want our baby here that much more!

Well, not much else going on here. I'm just trying to avoid this stomach virus that is going through our house, one by one. Every two or three days someone has gotten sick. I'm the only one left so I just sit and wait for my turn. I'm hoping to luck out and skip it this time.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Update - 36 weeks

Here she is! Can you believe technology? It's not perfect, but it is pretty impressive to me! I had an appointment yesterday with the BFP and NST again and she did great on both. My sugars are doing okay. Well other than today because I broke down and had a granola bar and two cheerio bars that Brooke made this morning. I knew better, but I'm overtired from being up with sick kids and I just had an I don't care attitude at lunch today. So now I got it out of my system so I will behave again. Nothing else exciting to report I guess. Just a quick in and out appointment, the way I like it. I think maybe next week they will estimate the weight to make sure she isn't growing too big. And we have the option to induce early. I am just hoping she comes a little early so I don't have to decide that. I was induced with Grace and it is kind of a strange feeling to put yourself into labor, knowing how much pain you will be going through! I started it at home with her with a magic labor pill. :) It all went really well though so I suppose there is no reason to believe it wouldn't this time. On Thursday I will be 37 weeks and considered full term so I would appreciate all the labor-inducing vibes you can send!

Friday, January 30, 2009

"All American Girl" lyrics by Carrie Underwood

Since the day they got married,
He'd been praying for a little baby boy.
Someone he could take fishing,
Throw the football and be his pride and joy.
He could already see him holding that trophy,
Taking his team to state.
But when the nurse came in with a little pink blanket,
All those big dreams changed.

And now he's wrapped around her finger,
She's the center of his whole world.
And his heart belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American Girl.

Sixteen short years later,
She was falling for the senior football star.
Before you knew it he was dropping passes,
Skipping practice just to spend more time with her.
The coach said "Hey son, what's your problem?
Tell me, have you lost your mind?"
Daddy said "You'll lose your free ride to college.
Boy you better tell her goodbye".

But now he's wrapped around her finger,
She's the center of his whole world.
And his heart belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American...

And when they got married and decided to have one of their own,
She said "Be honest, tell me what do you wanted?"
And he said "Honey, you oughta know...
Sweet, little, beautiful... one just like you.
Oh a beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American..."

Now he's wrapped around her finger,
She's the center of his whole world.
And his heart belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect All-American Girl.
All American Girl.

I hear this song and think of Josh, of course. He is definitely wrapped around these little girls fingers! I had him listen to it the other day and you should have seen the grin on his face. If you haven't heard it or seen the video, you definitely should. You can even find the video online. It's a really good one.

I just need sleep?

Poor little Allison got into trouble tonight. None of us could figure out what she wanted so she kept crying and crying and saying and signing please, please. I finally gave up and told her to just stay in bed until she could quit crying and tell us what she wanted. Pretty soon Brooke came and told me to get the camera. She had fallen asleep, and it was within minutes that she was out. Poor little thing hasn't been feeling well and I wonder if that was what she wanted in the first place, just to go to bed.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Spur of the moment trip!

On Tuesday morning, we were all up and going at 7:00 when Josh asks me if I want to go to Bismarck. Are you kidding me? You think I am going to turn that down? So we told the girls to pack quickly because we were going to Bismarck for the night. Josh new there were a few things I wanted to get before the baby comes and we figured it would be fun for the girls to swim at the hotel. I am sure after baby, it will be a while before we get a chance to do this again. So off to Bismarck we went. We stayed at the Ramkota Inn which has a big and little water slide for the older girls and a great baby pool with a little slide for the little ones. The kids had a blast so I thought I would share some pictures. Unfortunately, Brooke wasn't feeling good and went back to the room before I had the camera out. But I have warned her that I will get her picture eventually.

Baby Update

Well, I am now 35 weeks...only 5 long weeks left. I had a Dr. appointment yesterday. Thanks to this gestational diabetes, we will now be having weekly ultrasounds and non-stress tests. Yesterday she did great, 8/8 on her biophysical profile(by ultrasound) and her heart rate was reacting well with her movements during the BPP. She was being quite the stinker though and wouldn't let us get a picture of her. Soon after the ultrasound started she decided to turn away and hide her face! I was hoping to be able to post a picture of her today, but maybe next week we will get one. One thing that was really cool though was that we could actually see the hair on her head! It was standing straight up! That was really fun to see. My blood sugars are getting harder to control. My numbers were up more this time so the Dr. told me since my morning levels are still doing good that I just need to try to see what I can do with my diet to try and keep my numbers lower. It is frustrating though when I try so hard and sometimes I don't eat anything bad at all and my levels are high, even if it is something that usually doesn't make my sugar high. So, my weakness, pizza is out until after the baby. Oh, that hurts!! I am just hoping my hormones don't make this impossible for me. I REALLY don't want to go on insulin. Other than that, all is well. So, I will just sit her and wait and wait and hope, as all expecting moms do at this point, that I will go EARLY!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Vikings Fan

Is this not the CUTEST little Vikings fan ever?? This is my 14 month old God-daughter, Macy. Can't you just tell from that huge grin that she is so proud to be a Vikings Fan? This picture is for you, Tyler...please protect me from your wife...

The Baby

Look at this sweet sleeping baby. Is she really two already? She is so adorable lately, I just can't get over it. I have been thinking lately about how she is going to react to having a new little baby in the house. At first I was a little worried about it. But when I really think about it, I think she will do great. There is something about having all those big sisters that I think will make it okay. For one thing, she has to do everything her big sisters do so when she sees her sisters doting over this new little one, I have a feeling she will be doing the same. And as for feeling like her spot is taken with me, well, if you know me being pregnant I am pretty much a non-existent mother anyway. Maybe it is all preparation for her to be used to depending on her sisters for most things. So all in all I think it will be great. I think she will love being a big sister. I however am not so sure I am ready to lose my little baby Allison. And hopefully my predictions are not completely wrong!

Friday, January 2, 2009

My First Blog

Well, I guess the best place to start this blog is with a picture of the girls. This picture was taken on Christmas morning which also happened to be Allison's second birthday. It isn't very often that I get a picture of the kids all together so even if they are in their pajamas, it's good enough for me. We had a nice Christmas day, starting off with opening Santa gifts. I would say the kids were quite burnt out on presents. Nobody even woke us up! I had to take Allison's presents out of her stocking for her. And then there was Sophia...a little background here...I searched high and low for the perfect doll for her. I even ended up buying three different ones trying to get the one that looked most like her. Mission accomplished, I was quite excited on Christmas morning for her to see the doll. After she got through her stocking, we told her to look behind her because there was another present. She took one look at the doll and said "Oh" and then turned to looking at her stocking stuff again. We said, "Don't you like the doll?" And she, being the honest little girl that she is, said "No". So we say "Fine then, Allison can have the doll." So she turns, picks up the doll and says "Here Allison, you can have it." I couldn't believe it. Sometimes it amazes me how much I DON'T know my kids. Needless to say we are going to be working on being appreciative in our house this year! (Notice the cute little doll behind Sophia!)Well, our morning continued with Allison's birthday cake for breakfast, a family tradition. Oh, that cake looked so yummy! I can't believe she is two already. Where does the time go? We went up to Josh's grandpa's house in Williston for a nice Christmas dinner with his family. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable day. By the time we got home, we had Allison open her presents, just to get it over with! How sad, poor kid. Even she just wanted it all over with. We may have to rethink this birthday thing for her. Maybe celebrate it the weekend before Christmas. Any ideas?

So, there is my first blog. Looks like it is going to take me a while to get used to doing this. But I hope I can stick to it and keep everyone updated on our busy life.