Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Update - 36 weeks

Here she is! Can you believe technology? It's not perfect, but it is pretty impressive to me! I had an appointment yesterday with the BFP and NST again and she did great on both. My sugars are doing okay. Well other than today because I broke down and had a granola bar and two cheerio bars that Brooke made this morning. I knew better, but I'm overtired from being up with sick kids and I just had an I don't care attitude at lunch today. So now I got it out of my system so I will behave again. Nothing else exciting to report I guess. Just a quick in and out appointment, the way I like it. I think maybe next week they will estimate the weight to make sure she isn't growing too big. And we have the option to induce early. I am just hoping she comes a little early so I don't have to decide that. I was induced with Grace and it is kind of a strange feeling to put yourself into labor, knowing how much pain you will be going through! I started it at home with her with a magic labor pill. :) It all went really well though so I suppose there is no reason to believe it wouldn't this time. On Thursday I will be 37 weeks and considered full term so I would appreciate all the labor-inducing vibes you can send!

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