Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Obviously Lying

Sophia was so funny tonight. I told her to go clean up before bed and she quickly returned to tell me she was all done, everything is all clean. I asked her if she was sure and she told me that yes, everything was all clean. But she followed with a very firm, DON'T CHECK. I said you know I'm going to check. No mom, DON'T CHECK. It was so funny. I said I'm going to check and she sighed and said ooohhh okaaaaay, and off she went to clean up. You know, I really wouldn't have checked if she hadn't told me not to. :)

Another Sophia funny. After washing her hands in the bathroom at the store today, she tried to get a paper towel to dry them. She found the paper towel machine and started jumping up waving her hand in front of it. But nothing would come out. She just couldn't understand why it wouldn't work. Turns out that it wasn't an automatic one and we had to actually push a button to get them out. Can you imagine such an old fashioned machine????

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