Friday, May 8, 2009


As of April 22 of this year, I have a fourteen year old. Wow, that is crazy! She had a nice birthday, or atleast I think she did. She woke up to the usual decorations and dirt cake for breakfast, and then of course opening gifts. According to her this was also the fourth anniversary of her having dirt cake for her birthday. I suppose I should have put an extra candle on the cake for that one. She did have to do school that day, and speech, and confirmation. But we ended the day with supper at the Powder Keg. A birthday can't get much better than that! Another big milestone for her is finishing up the eight grade and getting ready for high school. What?? High school?? It is true, we had her eighth grade recognition on May 5. It was a nice little service with seven other homeschoolers from the Williston area, and then cake and coffee afterwards. She does still have two weeks of school left. But then she will officially be a freshman in high school. I swear it seems like I just got out of high school. How can this be happening? But she is so excited. It is so fun to see her growing up and becoming a young lady. She will be taking driver's ed at the end of May. She is just dying to get her license. I am looking forward to a year down the road when I am not scared to death to ride with her. I just thank God that she is so responsible, it shouldn't be too much worry with her. So things are changing at our house. Our kids are growing up and we are just growing old. But what more could we ask for than these children who teach us so much about life. And oh the learning we have ahead of us! I am looking forward to the next four years with Brooke. I can't wait to see what kind of young adult she will become. What she becomes interested in and what she wants to do with her life. So as exciting as it is for her, it is also exciting for me, as her mother, the one who has nurtured her, and taught her all these fourteen years. All I can hope for is that she will always be happy and know that she has a whole great big family that will always love her and be here for her!

Love Story

Poor Sophia, being the fourth child, she is obviously quite neglected. She had a terrible time remembering that she was four. I don't know why, but her mind just couldn't get it. We would ask her how old she is and she would just pop off various numbers hoping one would be right. So, going on, being limited on time, she doesn't get much one-on-one learning time with me. She knows some letters and has started writing them and she basically knows the alphabet. But the other day we asked her to sing the alphabet and she started singing but quit after about the letter D. She said "No, I don't want to, I don't really know it." So instead she whips out the entire chorus of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" song word for word instead. It was absolutely hilarious. If only you could see her. She doesn't sing it like some cute little four year old singing twinkle twinkle. Oh no, she sings it like a 19 year old famous singer on stage. She's got the moves and the little whiny twang country singers tend to have. I guess that is what happens with child number four. I can't wait to see what number five and six have in store for us!


Lydia giggled for the first time today! She was fussing in her swing so I went over to get her so I could feed her, figuring she was hungry. But I kneeled in front of the swing and talked to her and she grinned so I kept it up and started acting like a goofy adult and she giggled! Oh it was so cute. She has come close before but the sound wouldn't really come out. But it did today! And Josh was even home from work to enjoy it. I love newborns, but babies get to be so much fun when you can actually play with them!