Wednesday, October 28, 2009


How to decide whether to vaccinate or not? I debated about this and decided to just do it this week. So we left after lunch for Watford today. A 38 mile drive. A one hour and 15 minute wait OUTSIDE. SIX forms to fill out. Like I can remember all of the girls' birthdays! But we were third in line so that was nice. Filled out the paperwork and just like that the kids are all immunized. Well, if you know Allison, you know she just loves to leave the house. So we said we were going to get shots and she just couldn't wait. She kept saying she needed to see the Dr. because she is sooooo sick. But as soon as we walked inside she started freaking out. Crying and saying she didn't want to go in. Thankfully she settled down while I filled out the forms. I tried remembering all I had read about the vaccine and if they should get the shot or the nasal form. But when they said that all of them except Lydia could get the nasal mist, I was so relieved! It was a piece of cake! Only Lydia was stuck with the shot, and that was enough for me! So now, the four youngest need to go back in four weeks for another one. I hope they have the nasal mist then, too! Now we just need to avoid the swine flu for the next two weeks and we should be good to go. No side effects so far. Pray that it stays that way!

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