Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Dance

Brooke had her first dance the Friday before Halloween. It was a Halloween dance in Alexander. They were supposed to dress up, which I don't understand because high school girls are much too concerned about looking cute to really dress up for Halloween. So I'm not sure what we decided she dressed up as. Something like mix matched or something. Various colors and patterns. But I thought she ended up looking pretty cute in the hat. It was so strange to be driving her over for a school dance. When we arrived in the parking lot and I saw a couple older high school boys get out of their pick up I told her I could just take her home if she didn't really want to go! Of course that was not an option! So I let her go. She had a blast and yes she even danced with boys. I think all the kids had a good time hanging out and dancing and visiting. Now she is just looking forward to the next one!

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