Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ready For Trick Or Treating

Lydia the Little Lamb

Grace the softball player

Emily the monkey trainer...notice the matching outfits!

Sophia the ladybug, butterfly (with upside down angel wings), bunny. She wanted to be funny and make people laugh this year.

Allison the M&M

Trick or treating here is much different than what I experienced growing up. In town our goal was to go as long as we could and to as many houses as possible. We would come home with bags full of candy, but it sure took effort, especially if it was cold outside! Here in the country we go to twelve houses. It still takes quite a while but the kids get into the warm van for the drive from house to house. The funny thing is they come home with an unbelievable amount of candy! I was shocked my first year out here at how much people give. But because there are so few kids, people give very generously! Handfuls of mini candy bars at each stop. Sometimes juice boxes or a pop. Homemade popcorn balls, rice krispie bars, and cookies. Then there are stops at relatives houses, which gives bonuses of Cracker Jacks boxes and HUGE Hershey bars. Not king size, I'm talking the huge ones used for cooking. One for each kid. Which is great because we usually have a baby that can't eat one so Josh and I get to fight over it! The kids love to go around and get all the candy but it is so much fun for the parents, too. We know every house we go to so it is the one time a year when we get to see our neighbors and have a quick visit. Oh, and this year was extra special because Jeff and Macy showed up at our door as we were leaving and the kids got to trick or treat around our area together!

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