Monday, December 7, 2009

Emily's 11th Birthday

Emily turned 11 on November 30. It was a nice relaxing day. The girls talked me in to giving them the day off of school. But not without promises that they would still finish up their school week on time. Of course, we had to have dirt cake. I told them that I am banning dirt cake for the 2010 year. I never thought it would be possible to get sick of dirt cake. But we have a lot of birthdays at our house and everyone always wants dirt cake. I went to make her cake and then realized I forgot to buy cool whip. So Josh took me out for lunch(nice!) and we picked up some cool whip. Then I made the cake and realized I didn't have any gummy worms. So that explains the Fruit Smiles smiley face. It worked though, Em didn't mind!

Every year I like to tell Emily about the day she was born. I think her birth sticks in my head so much because she was early and it was so unexpected. She was 2 1/2 weeks early and I was not expecting her yet at all, Brooke was 2 days late after all. On Sunday I was planning to talk to a friend of mine and make sure it was okay to call her in the middle of the night to watch Brooke if I went into labor. Well, they weren't in church that day so I didn't get to ask her and wouldn't you know that at 2:30 the next morning I woke up and my water broke! I was shivering, which I know now is because I was in such a late stage of labor. So I went to wake Josh up. I told him my water broke and I was in labor. He just looked up and me and said that I looked cold and should go back to bed! Uh, yeah I don't think so buddy. So I called my friend and they couldn't watch Brooke because they were leaving for a funeral early in the morning. My other close friend lived way out at the base. So at 3:30 in the morning, I called my neighbor, a high school girl who babysat for us and asked her to come over and watch Brooke. Then we called Josh's mom and she said she could come right away and be there in time for the babysitter to make it to school. So we were set, off to the hospital to have a baby. I am in intense labor and wouldn't you know, our street was blocked because they were clearing snow! So down the back alleys we went. We made it to the hospital, dilated to 8, yay! And not long after a little before 5:30 a.m. our little Emily Rose was born. What a wonderful, blessed day! Here was our second daughter who we tried for almost two years to conceive! Such and special blessing, and she still is...every single day. I love you Emily, Happy Birthday!