Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Haircut

Why is it that every little girl has to, atleast once, cut their own hair? Today was Sophia's day to try it. Now at her last haircut, we cut it pretty short because we had finally grown her bangs out enough that we could bob it and it would all be one length. So today I noticed she was emptying the bathroom garbage into the big kitchen garbage. This is her daily chore, but it is done in the morning, not mid-afternoon. So I smiled at her thinking oh how sweet that she is emptying the garbage. But as I looked closer I noticed hair in the garbage can. What?? And then a look at her hair and I could tell there was a little cutting done. So I asked her if she cut her hair and she immediately said yes and looked ready to cry. She knew she was in trouble! So I knelt down to get a closer look and asked her why she cut her hair and she told me she wanted her bangs cut because they were in her face. Ha! Now they were really in her face! So we had a little talk about not doing this ever again and she seemed pretty convinced that it was a bad idea! I don't think this will be a problem with her now just two more girls to get through. I am just thankful that she didn't take too much off. Actually she did a pretty good job on it, I think!


  1. That's so funny (when it's not my girl!)! Laura and I each tried it once, too. I heard your baby already has had a "real" haircut - wow! Mine doesn't even have enough hair to put in a little clip! Your girls are so adorable, and I'm glad to see you're getting to run on the treadmill. Any plans for the spring running season?? Hint, hint. :)

  2. Haha, at least she wasn't trying to look like a "punk rocker" like I did when I cut my bangs! :)

  3. Ha ha, you two are funny!

    Ugh, just not on the treadmill enough to committ to anything this summer. :( I'll be lucky to do some 5k's at the rate I'm going!