Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grace's Girl

Isn't this precious? Grace was feeding Lydia one morning and she fell asleep in her arms. This is a rarity for Lydia. She likes to be put in her crib for her naps. Grace has been my big helper with Lydia this last couple of weeks. She has the lightest school load right now so she has been keeping an eye on Lydia while I run on the treadmill and get showered. It has been such a blessing for me! Now Grace is Lydia's favorite and many times she doesn't want me, but just her Grace. It is adorable, and of course Grace just soaks up all the love! I thought this was pretty sweet, too. I came out one morning after my shower to find Grace and Lydia snuggled up watching TV. Not that I'm crazy about TV watching, but if it buys me some time to myself once in a while, I'll take it! Especially when it is this cute!

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