Saturday, February 27, 2010

One More Walking Video

Who knew posting videos would be so easy! I'll have to do more of these with the rest of the girls!

Lydia's Walking!!

Lydia has been taking a few steps here and there for a little while now. But just yesterday she must have decided it was time to be a toddler. She just started walking everywhere. No wait, she didn't start walking....she started running! It has been so fun to watch her walk all over the house. I can't believe she is finally doing it. I wanted it so bad, but now it just makes her that much less of a baby! So bitter sweet to watch her grown up. I guess thinking she might be the last baby we have makes it so much harder. I know, I am crazy!! Oh well, enjoy the video!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Old Friends and New Friends

This morning was an exciting morning for me. I was able to go visit a friend of mine from those good old high school days. It was so much fun to see her and get to meet her kids. It was such a neat feeling to drive up to the house she grew up in and remember driving up when we were in high school to pick her up for a night on the town! Memories came flooding back to me. I had such a nice morning visiting and catching up with her and her mom. It was fun to be able to now introduce our children to each other and watch them interact. I am hoping we can get together again sometime soon. This four years or so in between is really not ideal!
Sophia playing a game with Ali.

Sharon, Kim, and I

Kim and too shy for pictures Luke.

Half Of Our Valentine's Family Night

For Valentine's Day, we usually skip buying things to give to the girls. Instead we try to take them out for pizza and bowling. This year we decided to just go to the PK for pizza and then come home and play Wii bowling. We were all so excited! So we all went out for supper and, of course, the pizza was great! We had such a fun dinner together with lots of laughs. But we came home to a wet floor. Oops. We forgot that Josh shampooed the carpets today and the floor was just too wet to play Wii in the living room. So, our Valentine's Family Night is going to take up two evenings this year. Tonight was pizza night and hopefully game night will be Sunday night. Anyway, here are some pics of our night out.
So what you can't see here in this picture is that Sophia is actually holding Emily's head down under the table. Em leaned over to get in the pic and Sophia quickly pushed her under, thus the big grin! So I made sure to quickly snap the picture before Em could get in it!

Brooke and Grace sitting next to each other and actually getting along!!

Josh and Lydia...a little pre-dinner snack.

Em had to take a picture so I could be in one.

Waiting patiently for our pizza. It was well worth the wait!
To be continued....

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cute Pics To Share

I know this was mean. Not sure what possessed me to do this to the poor child. I think it had something to do with her hair still being greasy from her birthday cake frosting. Doesn't she look like she is excited about it?

Allison's eyes were sooooo blue today with this bandana on. But of course my little camera just wouldn't show it! But you can still see how adorable she is! ;)

Sohpia and Allison think they are pretty cool little girls when their sisters fix them up with their bandanas.

I don't remember taking these!

Emily asked to look at my pictures on my camera today. I didn't think much of it and she took off, camera in hand. Well tonight when I went to look at my pictures from earlier today, there were A LOT of pictures I didn't remember taking! So, if you mess with mom's camera, your going to get your goofy pictures on mom's blog. This is two of about fifty gazillion pictures! Nice work goof balls!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lydia's 1st Birthday

Here she is...ONE year old already! This year has just flown by!

Here is her strawberry cake with strawberry frosting. Everyone liked it, well all except for me. I need my chocolate. Oh well, atleast now I'm not eating all of it.

We sang happy birthday to her and she picked up her bowl of cake and flipped the cake onto the floor. Luckily her sisters were right there to pick it up for her! I think some even ended up in Sophia's hair. Lydia just wasn't sure what to do with this cake while everyone was watching.

She figured it out though!

I don't think she actually ate very much of it. She just spread it around her face, tummy, and high chair tray. Maybe she was hoping for chocolate, too!