Friday, February 19, 2010

Half Of Our Valentine's Family Night

For Valentine's Day, we usually skip buying things to give to the girls. Instead we try to take them out for pizza and bowling. This year we decided to just go to the PK for pizza and then come home and play Wii bowling. We were all so excited! So we all went out for supper and, of course, the pizza was great! We had such a fun dinner together with lots of laughs. But we came home to a wet floor. Oops. We forgot that Josh shampooed the carpets today and the floor was just too wet to play Wii in the living room. So, our Valentine's Family Night is going to take up two evenings this year. Tonight was pizza night and hopefully game night will be Sunday night. Anyway, here are some pics of our night out.
So what you can't see here in this picture is that Sophia is actually holding Emily's head down under the table. Em leaned over to get in the pic and Sophia quickly pushed her under, thus the big grin! So I made sure to quickly snap the picture before Em could get in it!

Brooke and Grace sitting next to each other and actually getting along!!

Josh and Lydia...a little pre-dinner snack.

Em had to take a picture so I could be in one.

Waiting patiently for our pizza. It was well worth the wait!
To be continued....

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