Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cough Syrup Please!

Why do they not prescribe Codiene cough syrup anymore??? Why, why, why??? When Brooke was little we always came home with a bottle of it for a cough. It was GREAT! I mean really, who cares if it doesn't work on coughing? It knocks 'em out doesn't it!?!? I loved that stuff. Atleast everyone got some sleep. In all honesty, don't they need sleep to get better? Isn't it better to knock them out for a night so they sleep well and have some recovery time? I think so, really I do. Yes, I may be a bit selfish in that I would like some sleep, but I do think the poor little ones need something to help them sleep. I really wish that I had some good cough syrup for Allison tonight. Last night she coughed all night. I was up with her quite a bit. By 2:30 though, I think my body had had enough because I finally fell asleep and didn't wake up until 8:30. I woke up wondering if Alli had actually quit coughing or if I was just so tired that I slept through it. Which would make me very tired because I hear everything through our paper thin walls in our tiny little house. So I asked Josh when he got home from work if her heard her coughing when he was getting ready for work. He said she was still coughing, poor little thing. I must have been tired! I hope tonight goes better for her, I think she finally fell asleep on the couch. I should probably head to bed and sleep while I can. I hope tomorrow is better and that I don't have to run Alli in to the Dr. like Lydia. Thankfully Lydia is finally getting a little better. Her medicine must be working, finally! Well, one thing for sure, if I have to take Alli in you better believe I will be begging for some of that good old codeine cough syrup! I may even have to practice a fake cough myself....

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Road Hazards?

And you think traffic is bad where you live? How about a herd of cows in the road! This has happened to us more than once on our way to violin lessons. On this day Brooke was driving. I think she was a bit irritated with these cows. They just take their time and swaggar across the road. Not bothered a bit by us, as you can see. Later that same day, Josh and I were driving on the highway and had to almost stop to wait for deer to cross the road. There must have been about 10 of them. I tried to get pictures of them, but it was too dark.

Cutest Little Present

See this little cutie? She came out this morning with this Christmas tag on her shirt. It gave me a giggle! But then it made me think. You know, she really is a present isn't she? She really is a gift to me. A special gift from God! So I decided to write on her label. I told her to keep that tag on so I could be reminded that she is God's gift to me. Is there anything more important to remember today than that? Sometimes, more often than I would like to admit, I just need to be reminded that these kids are a gift to me. A special present, the kind that really matters. Too bad I can't make all my kids wear tags everyday!

Sick Little Baby :(

Poor little Lydia has been sick since Friday morning. We finally decided to take her to the doctor yesterday. She has an ear infection. The Dr. said she could have a mild case of RSV, too. But since she said she would be treating her with antibiotics anyway, we didn't have to test her unless I wanted to. I opted to not pay for testing that wouldn't change the outcome. Her cough sounded like RSV, but thankfully her lungs sounded great. So I am continueing the Tylenol and Motrin for her and hoping the antibiotic kicks in soon so she will start feeling better. Here is a video of her blowing spit bubbles. I thought it was so funny and I couldn't believe she kept doing it after I grabbed the camera.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT eat half a batch of chewy chocolate cookies today. No way, not me. That would mean I didn't start my diet AGAIN on this Monday. Nope, no way, not me.

I did NOT only exercise once in the last week. No, because then I would have let down my friend Brandy who is counting on me to get to thirty days of exercise with her so we can take a day trip to Minot to look at furniture. I certainly did NOT skip many days and end up way behind!

I did NOT get mad at a certain child today about school and just send her to her room because I was too frustrated to deal with her. No, I am NOT that mom.

I did NOT forget to keep track of the baby this afternoon and I certainly did NOT get reminded that she was not sleeeping by her screams as she had NOT squished her little fingers in my dresser drawer while I was NOT busy in the kitchen making those cookies that I did NOT eat so many of!

Phew, I feel so much better knowing I did NOT do all those things!