Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Feel So Guilty

I was reading a post over at MckMama which led me to a post over at We Are THAT Family about letter writing to sponsor children. Wow. I feel horrible. We have sponosored a child through World Vision for about 7 years now. I have only written her one letter. One lousy letter. I feel horrible. I am so happy to have read these posts though and I am so inspired by the many tips about writing to sponsor children. So today is the day we change. Today we wrote letters to Imalsha in Sri Lanka. Well, Emily, Grace, and I did. We will mail them tomorrow. You see, when I picked out Imalsha from the many cards at the World Vision display, I did it for a reason. I wanted someone right around my kids' age. Imalsha is right in between Emily and Graces ages. I can't believe I didn't do this a long time ago. Such a procrastinater I am. We have declared the 25th of each month as World Vision Letter Writing Day. Please, please hold us to this! This is something that has to happen. It really is what is important in life. What's that? You want to sponsor a child? Please go to World Vision and sign up! It's amazing what such a small amount of US dollars can do for children who are suffering.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where We Are Now

So things have been very busy here. We got the house moved in and all set up by Friday and we left for Jamestown Friday afternoon to meet up with my parents and go to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. But our plans changed when we got a call from Josh's brother that his dad had been rushed to the ER because he couldn't breath. Long story short, he had some blood clots in his lungs. But not to worry, he is back home this afternoon and recovering nicely. Josh came back with his other brother on Saturday afternoon. The kids and I stayed for the wedding, which was so so nice! We did leave for home after the wedding though. It would have been so nice to catch up with my family on my dad's side, but it just wouldn't have felt right to be away when Josh's dad was in the hospital. We are so thankful that things are going so well for him now. He just needs rest. Two of Josh's brothers are here this week to help with the farming. Josh is back to work this evening but should be able to help with the farm work next week when he is off. Hopefully anyway, there are still things with the house that need to be done before we can move in. But things are moving along nicely. We have power, which we thought might be another week or two. Once Josh gets off and can finish up the sewer we should be able to move in. We hired my neighbor to paint for us so that is a huge relief for me. Did I mention that I have not started packing yet? Oh well, things will get done. Hopefully a month from now we will be all moved in and things will be settling down!

Some Miscellaneous Pictures

Living Room

Down the hall to the activity room.

Built in desk in the hallway.

Built in cabinets off the living room to the hallway.

Kids In The New House

Emily and Grace are just a little excited about their new room.

Did you know we have an elevator? Sophia kept walking around talking about the elevator. Huh? Then I found them in the hall closet talking about going down and asking for someone to push the button(light switch). It was so funny!

Even Lydia has been down to see our new home. She is going to have so much room running around with all this extra space.

This is Emily and Grace informing me that it is not fair that dad and I get a big bathroom!

More Inside Pictures

I think my favorite part of the house is this wet bar! It will be such a fun area to pop up some popcorn for a movie and for the kids to hang out and have a snack. I think Em and Grace want to do there school there next year, too. So this will make a nice little school area.

It will be great to have a game closet. Right now all of our games are in the top of Brooke's closet and it is so hard for the kids to get games down to play.

I'm hoping to fill this spot with a mini fridge, but Sophia will miss her hiding spot...

...and so will Allison!

Okay, I do love the wet bar but this entertainment center is pretty high on my list, too! Only problem is that they didn't order half of it! So the right side will eventually be here. I'm looking forward to having a nice place for all of our books. Josh, he is just excited to get his tv in there!

Inside Pictures

Life has been busy this last weekend so here are some pictures of the inside of our new house, finally! This first one is when you come in the front door to the living room and can see the dining room and kitchen.

Here is Emily and Grace, so excited about our walk-in pantry!

Here is the kitchen and you can see to our bedroom.

No, our oven is not blue! That is just the protective covering!

Emily, Grace, and Brooke hanging out in our new, dirty kitchen.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Little Visitors

Look who came to visit! Jeff and Macy! They stopped by to see the new house that is finally there! It has been a lot of fun to visit with neighbors that are driving by and stopping to see how things are going.

It's Not All Perfect Though

Hmm...what's wrong with this picture?

Does this side look WAY higher than...

the other end?


Did we not level the ground with a level? Ha ha, I don't suppose Josh thought he was THAT far off when he got the spot ready! Not sure if we are going to just do our own skirting now or backfill it all. From some angles the house looks great, but from others it looks hilarious because the one side is so off. Oh well, it's nothing my hubby can't fix up to look just right! By the way, I should mention that the other side of the house sticking up on the top is just because the other side wasn't set yet...not because of leveling problems!

A Few More House Pictures

Look at that hair...think it's windy?

Ah, I love it!!!!

Just Have To Show You These!

So the window was open for some reason so I just had to snap a quick picture of the cabinet at the wet bar in our activity room. One of the major upgrades we did was the cherry maple cabinets throughout the house. I am just in love with these and so glad we splurged on them!

Moving It In

Here they are backing our house in. Did I mention that my awesome husband built that road they are backing in on? I admit, I just didn't think the house would fit, but they did it with ease!
They already had the first half in when I got there.

Here is how it looks coming up the road from the other way.

This is the back of the house. I am so excited about the sliding glass doors in the back so we can barbeque right outside our kitchen.

What Did I See When I Got Down The Hill?

You guessed it, our house is finally here! I actually missed seeing it come in on the highway because we gave up on it and came home to eat some pizza for lunch. But when we got back down there here is what we saw!

On The Way

Well, they called this morning and they are going to try and make it out. It has been a little rainy and it is a little windy. But I think if they are really leaving right now, they should make it okay. We will see. I hope it doesn't tip over! We should know in about an hour and a half. I'll post pictures later!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can You Spot The Turkey?

On our way down to the house spot this morning, we drove past a deer that stared intently at us as we went by and when we drove into our driveway Grace yelled pheasant. I looked over and it was not a pheasant, but a turkey walking across our new yard. I grabbed my camera quick as I could to take a picture but I didn't realized turkeys were so fast and he quickly made it to the hill and started climbing up so this is all I could get for a picture. But if you look really close, he is there right in the middle of the picture.
So that was the good part of our morning.
The not so good? No house. Aargh. You know it wouldn't make me mad except that they stopped last night and told Josh they would be there around 8:30-9:00 this morning. And how was the weather this morning? Nice. Calm. Not yet raining. Not yet windy. But no, they didn't show up. A phone call to the business tells us that they aren't even in town yet. They have to stay an hour away as there are no hotels with openings around here. Yes, I can sympathize that they have to stay somewhere else. But really? If you tell someone you will be there, shouldn't you put forth the effort to get up early and make it there when you said you would? Josh drives an hour to work at 4:00 in the morning, works hard for 12 hours and then drives that hour home for seven days straight. So I do think they could get up one morning to get our house here. Because now...the weather?? Rainy and windy. I don't see them bringing our house today, although they say they are. Time will tell. I'm really not upset about the house not being here, just frustrated by people not doing what they say they are going to do. So for now, we will sit home and wait some more. I am thankful we don't have to rush out of our house so really, it doesn't matter to us when the house actually gets set up. But we would like to be treated respectfully in the process!

Maybe This Morning

They brought all their trucks to set up the house last night, expecting to bring the house this morning around 8:30-9:00. I am hoping they are on their way already because the winds for today are supposed to get up to 20-45 mph!! So the girls and I are heading down there now to wait and see what happens. The ONLY reason I am going to watch is because I know if I am not there someone will call me and tell me the house tipped over and I won't know whether to believe them or not. That has been my nightmare for the last two months. Although, now having a couple extra months to pack up our house sounds kind of nice! By the way, you know you have a teenager in the house when you are getting a brand new house and she chooses to stay home and do her school in peace and quiet rather than come and watch her new house be delivered! Well, I'll keep you posted with pictures if the house actually comes!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

In The Meantime...

Josh got all the dirt filled this morning so we are completely ready.

Last minute prep work. But it is way too windy again today so we will have to continue waiting.

But in the meantime there are beautiful flowers blooming!

A pretty crocus, proving that spring is really here!

Where It's Going...

This is the spot we are moving the house to. Of course all of the snow is now melted and it is cleared and ready for the house.

This will be my view out of one of the front windows.

This is actually a picture taken of one of the roads out. It was taken from on top of the hill behind our house.

Another pic from on top of the hill.

New House

Here are some pictures of our new house that is almost here!! It's on the lot in town and we are waiting to hear if they are bringing it out today or exciting!