Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Inside Pictures

I think my favorite part of the house is this wet bar! It will be such a fun area to pop up some popcorn for a movie and for the kids to hang out and have a snack. I think Em and Grace want to do there school there next year, too. So this will make a nice little school area.

It will be great to have a game closet. Right now all of our games are in the top of Brooke's closet and it is so hard for the kids to get games down to play.

I'm hoping to fill this spot with a mini fridge, but Sophia will miss her hiding spot...

...and so will Allison!

Okay, I do love the wet bar but this entertainment center is pretty high on my list, too! Only problem is that they didn't order half of it! So the right side will eventually be here. I'm looking forward to having a nice place for all of our books. Josh, he is just excited to get his tv in there!

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