Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where We Are Now

So things have been very busy here. We got the house moved in and all set up by Friday and we left for Jamestown Friday afternoon to meet up with my parents and go to my cousin's wedding on Saturday. But our plans changed when we got a call from Josh's brother that his dad had been rushed to the ER because he couldn't breath. Long story short, he had some blood clots in his lungs. But not to worry, he is back home this afternoon and recovering nicely. Josh came back with his other brother on Saturday afternoon. The kids and I stayed for the wedding, which was so so nice! We did leave for home after the wedding though. It would have been so nice to catch up with my family on my dad's side, but it just wouldn't have felt right to be away when Josh's dad was in the hospital. We are so thankful that things are going so well for him now. He just needs rest. Two of Josh's brothers are here this week to help with the farming. Josh is back to work this evening but should be able to help with the farm work next week when he is off. Hopefully anyway, there are still things with the house that need to be done before we can move in. But things are moving along nicely. We have power, which we thought might be another week or two. Once Josh gets off and can finish up the sewer we should be able to move in. We hired my neighbor to paint for us so that is a huge relief for me. Did I mention that I have not started packing yet? Oh well, things will get done. Hopefully a month from now we will be all moved in and things will be settling down!

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