Sunday, May 30, 2010

World Vision

Well, I was planning to wait until fall to sponsor another child until I followed my own link to World Vision. Just out of curiosity of what might come up I did a search for a girl with Sophia's birthday. The first one to come up was a little girl from Sri Lanka with the same birthday as Sophia. So I called Sophia over to the computer and we decided that we would sponsor this sweet little girl. Now Sophia has her own friend to write to in the very same country as her sisters do!

World Vision Letter Writing Day

Just wanted to put in a quick note that we did have our World Vision letter writing day on May 25th. Emily, Grace, and I all wrote a letter to our sponsor child and Sophia drew a picture for her. We also stuck some monkey stickers in the letter. I hope she likes them! I have it on my calendar for June so hopefully we will keep this up! Sometime this fall I am hoping to sponsor another child that is Sohpia's age so she can have someone to write to. If you want to sponsor a child go to World Vision and sign up!

First Day Of Work

I know, I know, how does this happen?? How can my daughter possibly have her driver's license AND a full-time job for the summer?? I guess they turn fifteen and think they are adults, huh? Really though, I am so proud of Brooke. She is just growing up way too fast. But it is so much fun to see how she is changing. It is strange though to have her gone all day. She has been at home since the second grade so to go from being home all of the time to almost never is really an adjustment....for me that is! This is good for us all though since she has decided to go to school in Alexander next fall. I told her school is going to seem like a piece of cake compared to working full-time all summer! She has been working for two weeks now at the Experiment Station. She really likes it a lot...maybe too much...I mean isn't the "real world" supposed to be harder than that? Oh and wait for that first pay check. I won't even mention what she gets paid, but I tell you what, I never made that much money at my jobs!

Brooke Playing Violin - Stone's Rag

This is Brooke playing at her violin program at Horse Creek School. I wish I had taken more pictures at the program. Words can't explain how cool it is to be at this little country school program. The school itself has a whopping 4 students. Yes, that is right, four of them. But if you could have been there I know you would have felt the way I did. Like it was the best school program ever. These kids sang their songs so well. Not like the usual school program where some of the kids are embarassed to be up there. No, these kids sang and did skits without a worry of what anyone thought...and they did a great job. So I just want to commend Ms. Enerson on a program well done! You do such a great job with your school students and your fiddle students!

Our House

Well, it is all set up and skirted! Almost anyway. We still have an area in the back to finish up when we get the ac hooked up. Doesn't it look so different with all of the green trees and grass compared to my pictures here? As you can see by the last picture, it has been quite windy here. Blew the swing set right over. Thankfully it wasn't set up yet and I think it is all okay.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Sad Day

Today was a very sad day for us. We had Josh's Grandpa Alfred's funeral. Grandpa Alfred was a very special grandpa. You see, shortly after Josh and I got married, my Grandpa Martin passed away. He was very special to me, too. So in a way Grandpa Alfred filled that void for me. He was just like my own grandpa, even though I never new him while I was growing up. After his wife, Carrie, passed away, I tried to go visit him with the kids as much as I could. Of course, it was never often enough, especially these last few years. But the time I did get to spend with him has filled my heart with so many good memories. It's the little things I remember. Like that he always wanted to make us waffles when we would visit. I would always call to make sure it was okay for us to stop and he would always make sure I picked up chocolate milk for the kids. That was very important to him that the girls would get chocolate milk. During those years, I quit making waffles just so it would be his special thing to do and the girls would remember him for that. It makes me laugh though when I think about how the years passed and eventually led to him wanting to make waffles for us and I would end up making them because he would get confused. But he insisted he wanted to make waffles. I really didn't mind at all but it makes me giggle because he just wanted to make a special supper for me and the kids and I would end up doing all of the cooking and cleaning up. He wanted me to have a break and I tried to make him feel like it really was a break! It was great though. He was the best. After supper we would always have ice cream. It was always served up in these square corel dishes. The very same dishes that I claimed as mine when we moved things out of his house. Now these dishes are our ice cream dishes. So many good memories, I could go on all night, but those are the ones that really stick out at me tonight.
I also wanted to share quick a couple funnies that can come out of sad situations. First of all, there is Allison. Alli is three and LOVES church. Sadly, we haven't been there in a few weeks now with illnesses and moving. But Alli asked many times a week if we are going to church. So this morning I was trying to explain to her that we were going to Grandpa Alfred's funeral and that she would have to sit nice through it. So I told her that it would be like sitting through church, she would have to sit nice and be quiet and it would be in a church. So, she was so so very excited this morning that we were going to Grandpa Alfred's funeral! Atleast someone was excited, I guess. Only a child.
The other funny was with Sophia. Well, not really funny, but maybe, I don't know. We got to the church and had to walk through and Sophia saw the open casket. She said "oh there's grandpa!" I said yes, but that is just his body, his spirit and who he really is is in heaven with God. She was fine with that and then a short while later she said, "It sure was nice of Grandpa Alfred to show up!" I guess you could say she was a little confused, but it was kind of comical. It did hit her though, sadly, at the burial. After the short service she was asking about Grandma Carrie and I told her grandma was buried in the ground and that they would lower grandpa's casket into the ground too and bury it. I told her it was okay though because it was just his body...and so on. And then it hit her, just like that. It was so hard and so sad, we both cried, it broke my heart. I got her to talk to me and she told me she was just sad that we wouldn't be able to see him again. She said it just made her so sad. She is still saying that tonight. And oh how right she is. It is so sad. Just so sad.
But you know, I don't want to end this on that note. Grandpa Alfred's wife Carrie passed away about 10 years ago and the one and only thing grandpa had wanted all these years was to be with her. So, though it is hard for us to be left behind, I am so happy for him!! He is finally where he needs to be!! Praise the Lord, for he is GOOD!!!!