Sunday, May 30, 2010

First Day Of Work

I know, I know, how does this happen?? How can my daughter possibly have her driver's license AND a full-time job for the summer?? I guess they turn fifteen and think they are adults, huh? Really though, I am so proud of Brooke. She is just growing up way too fast. But it is so much fun to see how she is changing. It is strange though to have her gone all day. She has been at home since the second grade so to go from being home all of the time to almost never is really an adjustment....for me that is! This is good for us all though since she has decided to go to school in Alexander next fall. I told her school is going to seem like a piece of cake compared to working full-time all summer! She has been working for two weeks now at the Experiment Station. She really likes it a lot...maybe too much...I mean isn't the "real world" supposed to be harder than that? Oh and wait for that first pay check. I won't even mention what she gets paid, but I tell you what, I never made that much money at my jobs!

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