Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lunch At Our House Today

So I've been following this really great blog about this family where the mom makes all these really cool "bento" lunches for her kids. Now I think they are great, but not really an option for me. I am just not that mom! But that's okay, I like to get lunch ideas from her anyway. I have yet to discover how she makes hard boiled eggs into all of these different shapes. But anyway, I was showing these pictures to Emily and Grace today and it inspired us to make a lunch that is a little more fun than the usual pb&j with chips and milk. Jeff and Macy were over so it made it even more fun to do something different.
Here Grace is cutting the cheese into flower shapes.
Emily washed up the fruit.

Here is the finished product. PB&J cut into a circle and pressed edges, cheddar cheese flower, blueberries, strawberries, and sugar snap peas. We also served it with chocolate milk which is a fun treat at our house.

Four plates for four hungry little munchkins!

The kids were pretty happy with their lunches if you can't tell. Now I know it really isn't that exciting or cute, but as I said, this it just not my style! It takes way too much time, wastes too much bread! But it was fun for Emily and Grace to make a surprise lunch for the kids and the kids were excited about all of it and the little dividers in the plates. Who knows, maybe Em and Grace will want to continue doing this for lunches. It sure did make a healthy lunch!
P.S. Brandy, if you're reading, don't worry Jeff had TWO full plates of food, he didn't starve! ;)

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