Monday, July 5, 2010

Bedtime Prayer

Tonight at bedtime...

Me: Let's say a bedtime prayer before you go to sleep.
Sophia: I want to pray for Grandpa Alfred.
M: Okay Sophia, what do you want to pray for him?
S: I want to ask God to take care of him.
M: Okay, go ahead.
S: How do I start?
M: Dear God.
S: Dear God, please take care of Grandpa Alfred. I miss him. And I didn't get to make him a card I wanted to give him. Amen.

Just had to get that down somewhere before I forget. It was so sweet of her to be thinking of Grandpa still. It made me feel kind of sad when she said she didn't get to give him the card she wanted to make for him. How precious are children? Sophia wanted me to pray for him, too, so I thanked God for the memories we have of Grandpa. Sophia thought she didn't have any memories so I reminded her of how we used to go see him at the home and how he would be in bed and she would hold his hand and talk to him. I wasn't sure she would remember but she sure did. And she also said she remembers his house. Not Uncle Leons house, but Grandpa's house.

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