Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Good, Much Needed Blog Post

Yeah, yeah, I am sure you are here hoping to read a great blog post written by me. Well, sorry to disappoint you but I just don't have it in me. But what I do have is even better. How about a link to a GREAT blog post? I used to follow a blog called MckMama. But she changed her web address and I sort of missed it and never did find her new one. Thinking I already read way too many blogs, I wasn't missing her too much. However today when reading a blog post on my google reader, I followed a link, which led me to another link, which to my surprise turned out to be a really great post by MckMama! Anyway, it is right here if you want to read it. I'm telling you it is soooo good! If you are a mom and you are tired, tired, tired and just want your little kiddos to grow up a little faster and maybe you just want a break, then this is the post for you. But beware, it has been known to produce a few tears by some. I loved it though and if you are reading this and you go there and read that, I would love to hear what you thought of it! All I can say is that all afternoon I have been singing that country song..."you're gonna miss this". Even tonight as I fought with Lydia to go to bed, I did it with a thankful smile on my face and little laughter in my heart. Because some day I will miss these days. Thank you MckMama!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back To School

Brooke started her first day of public high school yesterday! She is a sophomore now and after a summer working a full time job she was definitely ready to attend public school and not homeschool anymore. Kind of bittersweet I suppose. I was a little sad after registering her and realizing she wouldn't be home with us this year. But I am so excited for her. Of course it also takes a lot of pressure off of me to not be in charge of her studies anymore! She had a great first day. She was suprised at how much wasted time there was during the day at public school, something we had always told her about. But as she gets into the school year I think she will find it to be busier. I think it is just an adjustment to her to switch classes where at home she was able to just sit down and cruise through her assignments as quick as she could. She was very excited to learn that she gets two huge lockers...small school...too many lockers I guess. She was worried that she completely missed her Spanish class, but she felt better when I told her it hadn't started yet since it's an ITV class and the other schools haven't started yet. She seems to like her teachers as far as first impressions go and looks forward to having an actual math teacher rather than having to call in on the phone. The kids at the school were excited to have her there which really makes the transition so much easier. Oh and did I mention she has ONE classmate? A boy she actually attended kindergarten and first grade with. Oh but wait, I think she mentioned another student starting on Monday in her grade. Wow, what a huge class, huh? So all in all I think she will have a great year. She is taking a Intro. to Psych. class online for college credit, which the school pays for the credit and the books...a really great deal for us! I don't think there was much else exciting in her day yesterday. She had a few confusing moments where she wasn't sure where she should be but the other kids were great about helping her out. I guess I'll hear pretty soon here about day number two. Hope it is all good. Okay, there might be a little part of me that wants her to tell me she hates it and wants to come home, ha ha. But really I don't because I'm not ready for her to come back here full time either! But I did ask her if she wished she had gone to school a long time ago and she said no she wouldn't have been ready. That made me feel pretty good about what we've done!

What Naptime Is NOT Supposed To Look Like

Yeah, it's naptime, so what right? The playpen is down, again and Lydia is back into her toddler bed. The crib finally broke. Yep for real, it broke after six kids. So bedtime and naptime are mini-nightmares here. Today Lydia decided to climb up on the dresser onto her changer and play with the fun stuff up there. Sigh....

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Funny Things They Say

Yesterday while Sophia and Allison were folding a load of towels, Sophia was getting rather frustrated because Allison wasn't folding. Now they both had their pile to fold so it didn't really matter that Allison wasn't folding because if Sophia got done with her pile she could have gone off to play. But it still was bothering her...alot. So this is what Sophia told me...

"Mom, Allison and I aren't friends we're just sisters. Cause I don't want to be friends cause I'm kind of sick of it."

Then later on this is what Allison said that I thought was kind of funny and maybe a little too honest?

"Mom, is my nose bleeding? Cause I just picked it. Is it bleeding?"