Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Good, Much Needed Blog Post

Yeah, yeah, I am sure you are here hoping to read a great blog post written by me. Well, sorry to disappoint you but I just don't have it in me. But what I do have is even better. How about a link to a GREAT blog post? I used to follow a blog called MckMama. But she changed her web address and I sort of missed it and never did find her new one. Thinking I already read way too many blogs, I wasn't missing her too much. However today when reading a blog post on my google reader, I followed a link, which led me to another link, which to my surprise turned out to be a really great post by MckMama! Anyway, it is right here if you want to read it. I'm telling you it is soooo good! If you are a mom and you are tired, tired, tired and just want your little kiddos to grow up a little faster and maybe you just want a break, then this is the post for you. But beware, it has been known to produce a few tears by some. I loved it though and if you are reading this and you go there and read that, I would love to hear what you thought of it! All I can say is that all afternoon I have been singing that country song..."you're gonna miss this". Even tonight as I fought with Lydia to go to bed, I did it with a thankful smile on my face and little laughter in my heart. Because some day I will miss these days. Thank you MckMama!!


  1. Oh my goodness! That was an awesome post to read and incredibly needed today....lots of tears, though, but that is okay. I think of what she brings up a lot myself, but it was great to have a perspective shift today because I'm not always as good as I should be with focusing on what really, *really* matters. Thanks!

  2. We must read the same blogs, Shelly, because I came across the same one this afternoon! And it's true (as I'm sure you know, with your older ones). I do miss those days, and you can't get them back, even for one minute.

  3. I think I should read that post by McMama more often!