Friday, October 29, 2010

A Successful Hunt

We were all pretty surprised tonight when Josh walked in and asked if anyone would like to see the deer he shot. I think this was only his second night out so I didn't expect him to shoot one already. But he did and I think he did a nice job. Can't wait for that deer sausage and deer jerky!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grace's Blog

Grace has a new blog, check it out here.

Don't forget about Emily's blog here.

What a Natural

Doesn't he look like a natural with a baby on his shoulder? Josh's boss and his wife had a baby boy at the end of September. Today Josh and I got to go visit them. It was so much fun to get to spend the afternoon holding a baby! Oh how I miss those days. If someone told me I could have another baby without being sick for nine months first, I so would do it! But for today, I just enjoyed this little guy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snow Day

Today was a snow day and you can read about it here. I was doing so good on posting every day. But then yesterday we got our first winter storm for the year and it knocked out our internet service. So, I think you have to excuse me for not posting yesterday! Thanks! More later, or tomorrow...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Piano Players

Look at who was playing beautiful music today! I LOVE having a piano in the house. Although Grace is the only one taking lessons right now, there are many kids playing on the piano throughout the day. It's been a lot of fun and I am so thankful that Josh's mom gave us her piano.

The Master

Just a couple pictures of our master bedroom. I know it needs some decorating, but I'll get there some year maybe.

An Invitiation to Redemption

This is crushing, especially to a chocolate lover like me. :( Please read it.

An Invitiation to Redemption

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Not Ready For Monday!

I did accomplish a lot today, but somehow it is never enough! Or maybe it is enough and I just need to get over it. That is probably the case.
  • It was a great Sunday at church. If I can make it through a church service without having to take the baby out, I consider that a good Sunday at church. Today we made it through with no crying fits from Lydia and no potty breaks for Sophia or Allison. Now that is a great Sunday at church!
  • We had lunch at my mother-in-laws today. She invited us over for slushburgers and topped it off with homemade salsa and white cake with homemade frosting. Oh so good!
  • Brooke went to town this afternoon to do some shopping. Emily, Grace, and Sophia stayed at grandmas to play on some hay bales. I brought the two little ones home for their naps and had some peace and quiet this afternoon. I didn't get near as much done as I would have liked to since the phone seemed to keep ringing. But it was really nice anyway!
  • School is ready for tomorrow and I even got a tentative schedule printed out for the girls. They seem to do better if they can look on paper and see what they are supposed to be doing.
  • I'm sick to my stomach from overeating all weekend. Probably a good thing so it will be easy to go back on my weight watchers tomorrow morning. Should be an interesting weigh in tomorrow! :(
And there you have it, a look into my Sunday.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Movie Date With Grace

Tonight was Grace's night to have a movie date with me. This is something new I started about a month ago. I decided it was time that I spend some one on one time with them. Josh and I try to have a date night every other Friday when he is off of work. So I decided that every other Friday night when he is working that I could have a date night with one of the girls. Sometimes it doesn't end up being Friday night, but I try to have a movie night at some point during the weekend. I had my movie night with Brooke and then with Emily so tonight was Grace's turn. Brooke took her in to town to pick out a movie. She chose "How To Train Your Dragon". It was really a good movie that we both enjoyed! I love this movie night because the girls love to be able to stay up later than everyone else, have a pop and some popcorn, and pick out their own movie. It is just torture for Sophia though, the waiting. She will be so excited tomorrow when I tell her that it is her turn next. But the two week wait might be too much for her to handle!

As far as today goes, it was another good day. We slept in and it felt so great! Then I got the check book caught up on the computer and our expenses figured out for this two weeks. It always feels good to be on top of the money situation! I got Sophia's school planned for next week. The girls washed up some dishes for me. They get stained from our water after a while so they needed a good washing. I am so thankful that they got it done! Then I went for a late afternoon run. As soon as I got home from that it was already time to get going on supper. I made lasagna, the really good homemade recipe of my mom's. We had garlic toast and carrots with that. Emily made a cheesecake for dessert so it was a pretty nice meal tonight. Yummy! I think we are all set for Sunday school and church tomorrow, hopefully the morning goes well. I am so glad that I've had these days off so I could catch up on things. It sure makes Monday morning easier to face when I am not behind on everything. Well, I am off to bed soon. Hoping to get a good night's sleep so I can get up and get going early tomorrow.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I Love Getting Things Organized!

Yes, it is true. I am obsessed with organization. You wouldn't know it if you came to my house and saw all of my little messes. But believe me, if I had the time, energy, and money, my house would be the most organized house out there. I suppose it is that way for a lot of people, I am sure I am not alone in this. But anyway, I am taking full advantage of these days off of school to get caught up on some things in the house. Today I got my desk cleaned up and organized. It was such a disaster. I had so much paper work to file away and piles of junk to go through. I worked on that while the girls did our weekly house cleaning. I also had time to clean up the counter in our hallway. That was piled very high with junk, too. I just feel so much better. Even though I know the clean desk won't last long, it never does! We also went outside this morning and cleaned up the yard. That was actually kind of fun to have all of us working together outside. I do wish Josh would have been off to tell us exactly where he wanted everything. But we did the best we could. The yard looks so much better and this was work that needed to be done before it snows, which I guess could happen this Tuesday! Yikes! I am not ready for that! So I feel good tonight about all that we accomplished. I still have a to-do list that is longer than what I will have time for, but if I can prioritize it and get the important things done, I will be very pleased with that!

A Visit With Friends

We had a phone call yesterday from a friend that he was going to be visiting his parents who live near us for the weekend and that he had his girls with! Emily and Grace were waiting impatiently all day for the phone call saying they were coming over. Finally around 3:00 they called and said they would be over soon. They had a great time together today! I think it is so great how some friends are the kind that you don't have to see very often but when you finally get together, it is like no time has passed. L. and M. are those kind of friends! They hiked outside, played with the little ones on the swing set, came in for pizza, and spent the rest of the night playing games. It was hard to see them go at the end of the night. We all look forward to seeing them again, hopefully sometime soon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Living Room

We are working hard at our house today. This morning we cleaned all of the bedroom closets. I think mine was the worst. Josh had moved all of his hunting things in there. At the time, we were out of hangers so there were some pretty big piles all over. But I managed to get it done and everyone else finished theirs, too. After lunch I was standing in the living room with Brooke and Grace. I have been wanting to rearrange in there for quite some time now. So I asked if they were up to helping me and they were so the pictures show the end result. I am so happy to have one nice, clean room in the house! I hope you like it, too!

Just What I Needed Today

One of my favorite blogs had such a good post this morning. It is exactly how I have been feeling this last week so the message is just what I needed. Check it out here if you want! Have a great day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Little Mermaid

This is how Emily tucks Allison in for her nap every afternoon. She makes her into a little mermaid! But Allison insists she is a princess. So I call her my little mermaid princess!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

This Is Going To Get Boring

I think this blog a day is going to get pretty boring for you readers. Fortunately, there aren't very many of you! I am wondering how long I will be able to do this for. It is getting to be a little bit too time consuming to get on here every night and put something up. I mean it is already 10:35 here and I am just doing this now. I still have hamburger to put into containers and into the freezer, school to correct, dishes to put away, and I really just want to go to bed! But because I know some of you actually like to know what is going on in our lives, I will do my best to keep blogging as much as possible. I'm just not so sure about every night!

Okay so here is a picture of the zebra that Sophia drew tonight for our friend Heather. Heather was here for the weekend and before she left today she told Sophia if she drew her a picture she would put it up on her fridge in her dorm. Little did I know that Sophia would draw this great zebra. I wanted to keep it for myself!! Apparently I lost that war so I took a picture and thought I would share it with you!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Today's News

  • Lydia's eye is doing better. It still looks pretty sore, but the swelling is down quite a bit. I am hoping tomorrow is even better!
  • At Church this morning, I had taken Allison down to the bathroom and I had brought Lydia with as she wasn't behaving this morning. When we went back up I sent Allison ahead and told her to go sit with her daddy. I was planning to stay in the back with Lydia. When I got upstairs, they were already started with communion and Allison ran back out to me saying, "Mom, come have Body of Christ!" It was so funny!
  • I managed to get a little nap in this afternoon, my school planning done, and somewhat of a menu and grocery list made. That made me feel a lot better!
  • We had family night tonight. Brooke went in and picked up Powder Keg pizza for supper. Then Josh and I played a few games of memory with Sophia and Allison. After that they went to bed and we played Clue with the older girls. It was a fun night!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lydia's Eye Is Okay

I took Lydia in to the Nurse Practitioner this morning for her eye. Apparently it is from an insect bite. She thought it might be infected so we got a prescription for some antibiotics, just to be on the safe side. I wish I could say that it is doing much better, but there hasn't been any improvement yet. I am hoping that by tomorrow morning it will be looking better. Thankfully it doesn't bother her at just looks really bad!

Well, that is all for tonight. Brooke is at a birthday party, Em and Grace are going to watch a movie in their room, Sophia and Allison are in bed, and Lydia is running around still. I am off to watch a movie with Josh and my pseudo-daughter, Heather.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh What A Day.

Little did I know this morning when I crawled out of bed what this day would have in store for me. Let's just say it was a LONG one. A little background information...our friend Heather got here at about 2 a.m., slept on the couch and as the kids got up she moved into Em and Grace's room to sleep a little longer. So anyway, I was trying to get every thing going this morning because we were heading out on a field trip in Sidney. Little Lydia came up to me this morning to hand me something. What in the world, I thought? Oh my it was part of a pair of glasses...hmm...pretty soon someone showed up with the rest of that pair of glasses and a glasses case. So Heather obviously grew up as an only child and has no kids of her own she left her glasses case on the floor in the living room and Lydia got a hold of them. Great. Wonderful start to the day. So anyway, we managed to get going for our field trip and we even made it there on time. Oh wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here. When we got Lydia out of her playpen this morning, she looked like she had a bug bite under her eye and it was pretty swollen. I wasn't sure if I would have to bring her in so I decided to just keep a good eye on it. So we did our field trip at the fire station and then headed over to Pizza Hut for lunch. After lunch, I decided I better go to Pamida and get some Benadryl for Lydia because her eye looked a little worse. So we drove to the bowling alley, got the kids set up and left them with Mrs. Castro for bowling. Heather, Allison, Lydia, and I went to Pamida to get the medicine and while standing there looking I felt something very warm on my side. Sure enough, Lydia's diaper was full and when she wet, she wet through her jeans and onto my t-shirt. Fun stuff. So we left Pamida, gave her her medicine(she spit most of it out), picked up the kids and headed for home. But on the way we figured that we had better get in to the eye glasses store, I am sure it has a better name than that, but whatever. So we just kept on driving until we got to Williston. Went to the store, discovered that Heather's glasses are not fixable. But we did find out that Grace's are still under warranty so she has a new pair on order and they even fixed the screw in her old old pair and fixed her old pair to work until the new ones come in. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Grace's glasses snapped in half while her and Sophia were playing on the floor this week? Okay, so off to Wal Mart to get dishwasher soap and while in there we get a little panicky because Lydia's eye is starting to look worse. Of course by this time it is after clinic hours. So I head over to my nurse sister-in-law's house so she can take a peek and give some advice. We gave her more benadryl and decided if it doesn't get any worse that waiting until morning should be ok. We pick up Arby's, hang out at my sister-in-law's for a while and finally head home shortly after 8:00. Of course as we are heading out of town I realize I am almost out of gas so after a quick stop to fill up we finally got on the road. Home and all kids in bed, except Brooke and Lydia, by 10:00. I am fully exhausted and I desperately hope that tomorrow Lydia's eye is better so I don't have to take her in. And that my friends, is the SHORT version!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doesn't This Look Like A Fun Bunch?

We had a long awaited for visit from our friends, the Burnett's today. By long awaited for, I mean REALLY long. They were out once, very quickly when we were first setting up our new house last spring. Before that, I don't remember when we got together with them last. It has just been a difficult task to get our schedules open at the same time. I guess that happens when between the two of us we have 12 kids at home. If it wasn't a schedule conflict, then one of us seems to always have a sick kid or two. Even today we chanced it as Emily has had a little sore throat and a few others have had runny noses. But we decided a cold isn't so bad and since no one was puking we were getting together! We enjoyed an evening of kids playing, eating Powder Keg pizza, and trying to catch up on each others lives. As always, the time goes too fast, but hopefully we will able to get together much sooner next time!

The Journal of a Running Mom

Yeah I know it is 12:37 in the morning. I know I should be in bed. I know I could be spending my late night doing all of the things that need to be done. Like emails to friends that are long overdue, or responding to people who were nice enough to post answers to a question I put on our homeschool Yahoo! group. Yes, I do realize I need to correct today's school and that my desk is a mess. Josh's clothes need to go in the dryer and the dishwasher probably needs to be started. Have I mentioned how crabby I get when I don't get enough sleep. But gosh darnit sometimes I just don't want to do what I should do! So instead I do what I want to do. Tonight is one of those nights I suppose. Oh don't worry, I will pay for it. And if you don't give me a hard time about it, I promise to not be cranky with the kids tomorrow, ok?

So anyway, what is this really about? It is about my NEW BLOG!! Yeah, I know I am crazy, but for so long I have wanted to start a blog just for my running. Whenever I am out for a run, I have so much time to think and so much I would like to put down in words, like the deer I see or the sounds of the leaves falling, or the smell when I run through a certain coulee. So I am hoping to get some of that down in my new blog. The main reason though is that I just want a journal of my running. Somewhere to keep track of it all...even my weight...ugh I may regret that one. So it certainly isn't finalized, but I set it up quick tonight so that I can start tracking my running. You can check it out here.

Created To Be His Helpmeet

Today was another busy day. Emily has had a bit of a sore throat and stomach ache so we decided that it was best not to go to our Sign Language class tonight. Brooke had Strings practice tonight...I wonder if she remembered to pick up some sugar for me...guess I will have to ask her in the morning. I did get out of the house tonight, though. I went in to town to a meeting with quite a few other moms for a, oh I don't know what you would call it, maybe a book study? maybe a becoming a better wife study? Regardless of what they call it officially, it was wonderful! I am so glad I went. I was even able to drive up there with my friend Rhonda and I got to see my friend Christi, who I haven't seen in so so so long. We are reading the book "Created To Be His Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl. It's a good one. Yes I have read it twice already. But there is something so great about reading and discussing it with other women. To be able to talk about the hard things, and encourage each other in this walk. I did leave the girls home with Emily as President(in charge) and Grace as Vice President(next in command). They only had about 45 minutes until the little ones' bedtime so I wasn't too worried about Emily handling things even though she wasn't feeling her best. The night must have been pretty uneventful since there were no phone calls from home.

I am sure I just had a couple other thoughts I wanted to put down here, but for now they are lost somewhere in this little head of mine. So I better get going for the night. It is late and I am sure tomorrow will end up being an 8:00 day instead of 7:00. I don't know why I try so hard to get on a good schedule when all it takes is one late night to throw me off.

Oh, I remember one thing I had to say. The meeting has motivated me to work on being a better helpmeet to my hubby. So tomorrow I am not going to complain about how bad his work schedule messes with my schedule!! I will joyfully sit with him tomorrow while he is at home. I will make his coffee before he gets up so it is ready for him. I will make sure his lunch is warmed up when he gets out of the shower. And I will make sure the girls pack up his lunch box before he asks them. Isn't that the least I can do for a man who is working 11 nights straight...12 1/2 hour shifts...and about 50 miles to drive to get there and 50 miles back home when he is done. Yep, it will be an honor to take care of him tomorrow!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Big Helper

Tonight Grace went with Brooke and Emily to fiddle lessons. I was at home with just the little girls. It sure is different with just those three. It actually feels quieter and easier with just those three at home. It's all good though. After supper I put them in the tub and the phone rang so I was distracted and let the little girls keep playing in the tub. I had gone into the kitchen to get something and when I came back there were no little girls in the tub. So I look in the bedroom and there is Sophia putting on Lydia's pajamas for her. She had gotten her out of the tub, dried off, a diaper on, and was putting her pj's on! What a great helper she is getting to be! I was so impressed! I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon when I get to tell Josh what she did. He will be so proud of her and she will be beaming with pride! She has grown up so much lately. She is always trying to help with Lydia, from getting her down from the table after a meal to getting her out of the playpen after naptime. What a fun age she is at. I plan on enjoying every bit of it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Blog A Day

Could I do it? I'm not sure. In the middle of my insanely busy life, could I possibly blog at least a little every night? Just to show people that I am still alive and kicking? (Mom and Julie) I might just try.

Made it to church today in time for Sunday School. Lunch at my mil's house. She made roll-up pancakes because Brooke has been begging for them for a couple weeks now. Fed Josh some leftover pancakes, okay really the kids did because I was on the phone with my brother who I hardly ever get to talk to! We picked up the house, got my lists made and my mil picked me up to go to town for shopping. Not fun shopping, but the yucky grocery shopping. I even made her drive because I was feeling so tired. Thank goodness she didn't put up a fuss. It is so much more fun to go do errands when you have someone to go with. Wal Mart, Economart, Arby's, and then we stopped by my brother-in-law's house to see his new cabinets. Looks nice, btw. Anyway, home at 10:00, everything put away, and I am OFF TO BED!! Goodnight! :)