Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doesn't This Look Like A Fun Bunch?

We had a long awaited for visit from our friends, the Burnett's today. By long awaited for, I mean REALLY long. They were out once, very quickly when we were first setting up our new house last spring. Before that, I don't remember when we got together with them last. It has just been a difficult task to get our schedules open at the same time. I guess that happens when between the two of us we have 12 kids at home. If it wasn't a schedule conflict, then one of us seems to always have a sick kid or two. Even today we chanced it as Emily has had a little sore throat and a few others have had runny noses. But we decided a cold isn't so bad and since no one was puking we were getting together! We enjoyed an evening of kids playing, eating Powder Keg pizza, and trying to catch up on each others lives. As always, the time goes too fast, but hopefully we will able to get together much sooner next time!

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