Saturday, October 23, 2010

Movie Date With Grace

Tonight was Grace's night to have a movie date with me. This is something new I started about a month ago. I decided it was time that I spend some one on one time with them. Josh and I try to have a date night every other Friday when he is off of work. So I decided that every other Friday night when he is working that I could have a date night with one of the girls. Sometimes it doesn't end up being Friday night, but I try to have a movie night at some point during the weekend. I had my movie night with Brooke and then with Emily so tonight was Grace's turn. Brooke took her in to town to pick out a movie. She chose "How To Train Your Dragon". It was really a good movie that we both enjoyed! I love this movie night because the girls love to be able to stay up later than everyone else, have a pop and some popcorn, and pick out their own movie. It is just torture for Sophia though, the waiting. She will be so excited tomorrow when I tell her that it is her turn next. But the two week wait might be too much for her to handle!

As far as today goes, it was another good day. We slept in and it felt so great! Then I got the check book caught up on the computer and our expenses figured out for this two weeks. It always feels good to be on top of the money situation! I got Sophia's school planned for next week. The girls washed up some dishes for me. They get stained from our water after a while so they needed a good washing. I am so thankful that they got it done! Then I went for a late afternoon run. As soon as I got home from that it was already time to get going on supper. I made lasagna, the really good homemade recipe of my mom's. We had garlic toast and carrots with that. Emily made a cheesecake for dessert so it was a pretty nice meal tonight. Yummy! I think we are all set for Sunday school and church tomorrow, hopefully the morning goes well. I am so glad that I've had these days off so I could catch up on things. It sure makes Monday morning easier to face when I am not behind on everything. Well, I am off to bed soon. Hoping to get a good night's sleep so I can get up and get going early tomorrow.


  1. I have been enjoying your blogging and tried to comment before. Maybe this will work.
    Mrs. Castro's Mom

  2. Hi Marlyn! Thanks for commenting! I am glad you are enjoying my blog. :) Hope to see you again sometime soon.