Monday, October 11, 2010

My Big Helper

Tonight Grace went with Brooke and Emily to fiddle lessons. I was at home with just the little girls. It sure is different with just those three. It actually feels quieter and easier with just those three at home. It's all good though. After supper I put them in the tub and the phone rang so I was distracted and let the little girls keep playing in the tub. I had gone into the kitchen to get something and when I came back there were no little girls in the tub. So I look in the bedroom and there is Sophia putting on Lydia's pajamas for her. She had gotten her out of the tub, dried off, a diaper on, and was putting her pj's on! What a great helper she is getting to be! I was so impressed! I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon when I get to tell Josh what she did. He will be so proud of her and she will be beaming with pride! She has grown up so much lately. She is always trying to help with Lydia, from getting her down from the table after a meal to getting her out of the playpen after naptime. What a fun age she is at. I plan on enjoying every bit of it!


  1. Wow, Sophie looks exactly like Emily did, back when we first met you! And what a great helper, just like all your girls! As I've told you before, you're an excellent mother and teacher.

    And now you've done this blog thing two days in a row. I feel the pressure building! :) Would it count if I just commented on your blog every day??

  2. Lol, I would give you partial credit for commenting on my blog every day! But what fun is that for me if I don't get to read your blog everyday?

    Thank you for saying I'm excellent. I wouldn't say that, but I do try my best, always wish I did know how that goes.

    But yes, Sophia really does look just like Emily! And it is surprising how much Allison looks like Grace, I'll have to get a pic of them two up here one of these days. Funny thing is that their personalities are a lot alike, too. So now we are waiting to see if Lydia takes after Brooke! :)