Friday, November 26, 2010

The More We Have the More Ungrateful We Are??

The More We Have the More Ungrateful We Are??

Strings Concert

Just a quick video of a part of one of the songs they played tonight. Hope you enjoy it!

Brooke's First Strings Concert

Brooke had her very first Strings Concert tonight! It was so much fun to go and see her play her first concert with this group. Lydia ended up with a fever yesterday so Josh's mom was nice enough to come down tonight and watch the three little girls so the rest of us could go to the concert. I think that Emily and Grace really enjoyed it. I can see now why Brooke enjoys playing with this group. They are wonderful!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The pies are made, thanks to Emily and Grace. They are getting to be quite the pie makers! All I need to do now is get some jell-o jigglers made and we are set for tomorrow. We will be up the road at Josh's parents house for Thanksgiving. It sounds like there will be a full house so it should be a very fun day. I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving and I hope that you have many, many things to be thankful for!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Make Me a "Leadable Wife"

If you haven't heard the song "Lead Me" by Sanctus Real, then you have to click below and listen to it. It is the best song ever and I cry everytime I hear it!

Make Me a "Leadable Wife"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day Off

Did you know that it is actually hard to be at home and take the day off? That is my new goal for Sunday. We go to church and Sunday School and then relax together as a family for the rest of the day. Well, today we didn't go to church due to the road conditions. We all got to sleep in and that was such a treat! We got up and did our morning chores. But then we were done. I was sitting there thinking of all of the cleaning projects we could get done. It was actually really hard to not start on something. But I knew that I needed to spend the time with the kids doing something other than work! My friend Brandy came down with her two kids and the kids played puzzles and games and we played on the Wii with them. It was a lot of fun, and very relaxing. After they left I made a couple of phone calls and during that time Grace made supper and dessert. Josh came home and we had an excellent supper together...Taco Casserole and Scotcheroos! Super yummy! After supper though, our family day pretty much ended. Josh was tired and so we went to visit in the family room while the kids cleaned up the kitchen and got their chores done. Josh got into a movie and I didn't want to make him stop it so we ended up skipping our game night tonight. But that's okay. I am glad I spent some time with the kids this afternoon so I don't feel so bad about tonight. It was disappointing for them I am sure. But it is a good lesson to learn. I think it's important for them to respect their daddy, especially when he gets up at 3 in the morning and drives an hour to work, works 12 1/2 hours and then drives another hour home. He is exhausted by then and by the end of the work week he just needs his quiet time. I am glad that the girls understand that and they know that next weekend he will be off of work so we can play games then!

What's Wrong?

What's wrong with Lydia? What could possibly make her cry, look in wonderment, and say repeatedly "EW EW EW!!"? You know, just your average dead deer in the house! I'm sure most of you would be feeling the same way as Lydia if you looked on your table and saw an entire deer, skinned and gutted, sitting there. It was disgusting! But hey, it's a good lesson in where we get our food from and I'm always looking for good real life lessons! I'll be nice though and spare you the picture of it!

The Rich Family In Church

This is such a good little story! I hope you like it.

The Rich Family In Church

Just Some Pictures

Family Night

Sunday has officially become our family night. I am actually trying to set aside our Sundays as kind of a family day. I am trying to get all of my work done before Sunday and trying to take Sunday's off. I just think we need one day of the week where we don't worry about laundry and house cleaning and school work and planning and well you get the idea. It has worked pretty well the last two weeks and I am planning it again for tomorrow. Last week we had Josh's parents down for supper for family night. They couldn't stay for games, but we enjoyed visiting with them while eating some Powder Keg pizza! After they left, we played Topple with the little girls and then put them to bed. Then we played a couple games of Bananagrams with the three older girls. Did I mention that I won all of the Bananagrams games? Oh no, that would be bragging. I would never actually brag about that! Not me. Okay, yes I won, it was fun! I love winning. Josh said we should have played Monopoly instead. He always kicks my butt at that game. I was glad we played Bananagrams!

Allison's Movie Night

The long awaited for night finally came for Allison! I went in when she was laying down for her nap to tell her that it was her movie night that night. She was SO EXCITED! She said "and I get to have POP?" I told her yes. She said "and POPCORN?" I told her yes. Oh yes, she was so ready for this night! All day long all she could talk about was that she wanted to watch "Beauty and the Beast." Yes, the movie I watched two weeks earlier with Sophia. But who am I to complain? It is her night so she can watch what she wants. I have to admit being relieved when the time finally came and she suddenly decided that we were going to watch "Cars" instead. Anyway, here we are all snuggled up on the couch with our popcorn and pop ready to watch our movie!

Some Pictures From Our Week

Sophia has been very in to dress-up ever since Halloween. So she dressed up as a cowgirl one day. I thought she looked pretty cute!

I'm not sure if you can see them in this picture, but on our way to town on Thursday we noticed a line of snow geese that covered the entire horizon. It was so cool! These are the times when I wished I had a better camera and some photography skills.

Emily and Grace took a picture of themselves in the van. I think they were supposed to be taking pictures of the snow geese!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daddy's Supper

Whenever Josh doesn't make it home in time to have supper with us, one of the girls warms up his plate for him so he can relax in his recliner and eat. Usually Lydia will come and mooch some food from Daddy, but on this night she decided to just climb up and help herself! So Josh just kept on eating and letting her eat what she wanted, too. She is so funny sometimes!

Living Skeletons

Another story from Haiti.

Living Skeletons

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Successful Hunt

Josh left on Friday morning and didn't come back until Saturday evening. He went hunting in the grasslands. He has been slowly buying equipment the last few years for an overnight hunt. He has his huge backpack, filled with all his supplies, which really isn't much. He has a little tent and a lightweight, but warm, sleeping bag. Three peanut butter sandwiches and some granola bars was all he brought for food. He brought dry clothes to sleep in and for the next day. He actually even asked if I would like to go with him. He thought that would be fun. That was a very easy NO for me. He got the deer he saw a week earlier in the same spot. He shot it Friday night and was glad he brought his camping gear because he knew he wouldn't be able to drag it out in the dark. I do need to mention the hills. He hunts in the hills. I wish I had a good picture to show the hike he had down to his camp site and the deer. I'll just say that it took him three trips to get his deer and equipment hauled out. Two trips just for the deer. He called me at 4:00 in the afternoon to tell me he was finally heading out. That means that he spent about 8 hours hauling his deer and stuff out. Yeah, not my thing at all, and that's not even considering the below 30 degree temps overnight. I think I'll let him stick to his hunting and I will stick to shopping, or really anything else. Yes, I do think he is a little crazy, but that is just one of the many things about him that I love!

I did find this picture of the area that he hunts. It gives an idea of how far of a hike it is from the bottom of the hills to the top where he had his pick up parked.

Are You a "Joyful Mother of Children"?

Are You a "Joyful Mother of Children"?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Day of Hunting

Josh and I went hunting together today. It was so much fun! We left around 8:30 this morning and didn't get back home until around 8:30 this evening. The day started out with us needing gas so we headed to Fairview only to find out that their diesel tanks were being replaced, so on to Sidney. We got gas and some "orange" for me at Cenex in Sidney. It was a bit of a longer trip than planned because Josh thought one highway was another one and yeah, you know how that goes! So we ended up down at interstate and then over to the public land. We drove all over and it was an amazing day of site seeing. We ended up eating at the bar in Grassy Butte and then off to find a place to hunt. It was so busy with hunters that all of Josh's fave spots were already full of hunters. But we found a some good spots anyway. We saw two mule deer bucks and three mule deer does. Unfortunately, his tag is for white tail. But just to see the deer is so exciting! We saw a lot of prairie chickens, a couple porcupines, cows, horses, and we heard the coyotes howling. We did a lot of walking of hills so it will be interesting to see how my muscles feel tomorrow. I sure am glad that I have been exercising though, because those hills were tough!
I told Josh to take a picture of me in my "fat suit". I was layered up and had my pockets full of gloves, hats, and the camera. Hunting is definitely not for girls that want to look nice!

I would never turn down a hunting invitation from this guy!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You Never Know What You Will See Out Here

Every once in a while we see something out here other than deer and turkeys! A neighbor was sweet enough to call us one day and let us know there were a couple moose down on the river bottoms. Josh and I loaded up the five girls that were home and headed down to see. Sure enough, they were right down the road and around the corner. I hear that they come around our area once in a while and oh what a treat to get to see them!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not Much To Say

It was a pretty uneventful day here. I had a chiropractor appointment this afternoon so I brought Sophia with me today. We had a good time together, even though she made me eat lunch at McDonald's. YUCK! I don't really like that place, but it is her all time favorite. How could I say no to her? We didn't make it to sign language tonight and Brooke didn't make it to strings, thanks to the rainy/snowy weather. I wasn't about to have us end up 30 miles from home on frozen over roads. Not a chance I'm willing to take with my girls! I guess while I was gone Lydia was mad at her sisters for not giving her any chips. She always seems to choke a little bit on them so we just quit giving them to her. Well, Josh came in the kitchen and said hi to Allison and I guess as soon as Lydia heard his voice she instantly starting crying and screaming like something was really wrong, but a completely forced cry. Josh laughed and did nothing. He said after realizing that he wasn't going to do anything to help her she just gave up, quit crying, and went about her business. Funny little girl!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Sophia's Movie Night

Sophia and I had our movie night on Saturday night. We borrowed a friend's "Beauty and the Beast" movie. Sophia has been waiting and waiting for her movie night so it was so exciting when it finally got here. We popped up some popcorn and she even got her own pop! It was such a good movie and it was so fun to sit and watch it with her after everyone else was in bed. At the end of the night I gave her a kiss and hug and sent her to bed. She came back out though and asked me if I was going to get up early the next morning. I guess I've been sleeping in too often lately. But she said she wanted me to get up early because she really likes me and can't wait to see me in the morning...or something like that anyway. It was sweet! She is growing up though. She didn't want to snuggle on the recliner with me, even during the scary parts!

Now Allison had a really tough time with this. She was overtired anyway, but this was just too much for her. She was so upset that Sophia was getting to stay up and she wasn't. She could hardly control her emotions. I tried to explain that she would get her turn next, but I don't think she completely understood. Now she keeps asking if it's her turn yet. It's going to be a long two weeks until her turn! But I know it will be well worth the wait!

I Have An Announcement

I know a man who is 64 years old and has never changed a single stinky diaper. Well, that is until last Tuesday!! Ha! Yes, that is right, my father-in-law had managed to avoid changing smelly diapers his entire life so far. How he made it through raising four sons and having 7 grandchildren and not had to do this is beyond me. But last Tuesday night, everything changed. I'm surprised that any of us are alive to tell about it because it is so shocking that we should all be dead from the shock right now! I hope this post doesn't cause any heart attacks to anyone who knows my father-in-law. But anyway, he agreed to watch my three youngest until my mother-in-law got home from work, which should have been for about 15 minutes. But she was running very late and Lydia was very stinky. I figure she must have really really really wanted her diaper changed because otherwise I think he would have made her sit in it until my mother-in-law came home. But sure enough, with Sophia's help, he managed it! I'm so proud of him, aren't you?!

It Smells Like Thanksgiving!

Don't these pies look yummy? Well, I can tell you that I thought they were! Last week I had to bake a couple of pies to take to our county commissioners to thank them for the money they donated to our new hall building fund. I decided that if we were going to make two that we could make four and send some to work with Josh. Well the commissioners got their pie, but unfortunately Josh's crew didn't. After baking up the pies the girls and I couldn't resist eating some! My house smelled like Thanksgiving. It is hard to turn that down!

Dinner And A Movie

The older girls all went to fiddle lessons tonight and I was hoping to keep the little girls busy so I could get some work done. So I made up some frozen pizza and put in a movie for them. They were so excited to get to eat out in the family room while they watched their movie! Can you guess what movie they are watching?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Trick-or-Treating Crew

The older two had a friend out to trick-or-treat with. They had so much fun with Ann! Jeff and Macy also came with us for a while. Aren't they all so cute!?

Real Quick...

Sometimes I think I'm having a bad day. But then I read something like this and realize that my life is so so easy. I just love this blog. She is so honest. It really puts things in perspective for me.

Real Quick...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Grace the hunter, like her daddy.

Emily the 80's rocker, like her mom!

My princess, Sophia.

Lydia, the yummy M&M.

Allison, the princes gone pumpkin.
In a size 24 month pumpkin costume. She REALLY wanted to be a pumpkin!

How To Use Up That Halloween Candy

Love these ideas to use up the candy and I thought I would share the link!

How To Use Up That Halloween Candy

"Do Large Families Burden the Older Children?"

This is too good not to share!

"Do Large Families Burden the Older Children?"