Sunday, November 21, 2010

Allison's Movie Night

The long awaited for night finally came for Allison! I went in when she was laying down for her nap to tell her that it was her movie night that night. She was SO EXCITED! She said "and I get to have POP?" I told her yes. She said "and POPCORN?" I told her yes. Oh yes, she was so ready for this night! All day long all she could talk about was that she wanted to watch "Beauty and the Beast." Yes, the movie I watched two weeks earlier with Sophia. But who am I to complain? It is her night so she can watch what she wants. I have to admit being relieved when the time finally came and she suddenly decided that we were going to watch "Cars" instead. Anyway, here we are all snuggled up on the couch with our popcorn and pop ready to watch our movie!

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