Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Day of Hunting

Josh and I went hunting together today. It was so much fun! We left around 8:30 this morning and didn't get back home until around 8:30 this evening. The day started out with us needing gas so we headed to Fairview only to find out that their diesel tanks were being replaced, so on to Sidney. We got gas and some "orange" for me at Cenex in Sidney. It was a bit of a longer trip than planned because Josh thought one highway was another one and yeah, you know how that goes! So we ended up down at interstate and then over to the public land. We drove all over and it was an amazing day of site seeing. We ended up eating at the bar in Grassy Butte and then off to find a place to hunt. It was so busy with hunters that all of Josh's fave spots were already full of hunters. But we found a some good spots anyway. We saw two mule deer bucks and three mule deer does. Unfortunately, his tag is for white tail. But just to see the deer is so exciting! We saw a lot of prairie chickens, a couple porcupines, cows, horses, and we heard the coyotes howling. We did a lot of walking of hills so it will be interesting to see how my muscles feel tomorrow. I sure am glad that I have been exercising though, because those hills were tough!
I told Josh to take a picture of me in my "fat suit". I was layered up and had my pockets full of gloves, hats, and the camera. Hunting is definitely not for girls that want to look nice!

I would never turn down a hunting invitation from this guy!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun day!

    My Mr. B would be so jealous if I were to tell him about your hunting trip. He hasn't been able to get off work during hunting season for two years now.


  2. Glad you had such a good day with your guy!

  3. Mrs. B, that is too bad that Mr. B hasn't been hunting in so long! I know Josh lives for hunting season. Hopefully in time you guys will settle in and he can do some hunting out here!

    Thanks Julie! :D