Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Day Off

Did you know that it is actually hard to be at home and take the day off? That is my new goal for Sunday. We go to church and Sunday School and then relax together as a family for the rest of the day. Well, today we didn't go to church due to the road conditions. We all got to sleep in and that was such a treat! We got up and did our morning chores. But then we were done. I was sitting there thinking of all of the cleaning projects we could get done. It was actually really hard to not start on something. But I knew that I needed to spend the time with the kids doing something other than work! My friend Brandy came down with her two kids and the kids played puzzles and games and we played on the Wii with them. It was a lot of fun, and very relaxing. After they left I made a couple of phone calls and during that time Grace made supper and dessert. Josh came home and we had an excellent supper together...Taco Casserole and Scotcheroos! Super yummy! After supper though, our family day pretty much ended. Josh was tired and so we went to visit in the family room while the kids cleaned up the kitchen and got their chores done. Josh got into a movie and I didn't want to make him stop it so we ended up skipping our game night tonight. But that's okay. I am glad I spent some time with the kids this afternoon so I don't feel so bad about tonight. It was disappointing for them I am sure. But it is a good lesson to learn. I think it's important for them to respect their daddy, especially when he gets up at 3 in the morning and drives an hour to work, works 12 1/2 hours and then drives another hour home. He is exhausted by then and by the end of the work week he just needs his quiet time. I am glad that the girls understand that and they know that next weekend he will be off of work so we can play games then!


  1. Hi ShellyKay,

    I've enjoyed reading your recent posts. We also take Sundays off. It is amazing that when I take one day a week to relax and spend time with my family I not only accomplish more but also have more energy during the upcoming week.

    The Lord commands us to keep a Sabbath - I've expereinced many rewards by learning to obey this commandment.


  2. Thank you Mrs. B! I have always thought there is just too much to do. But there is always too much to do and I am finding if I take the day I still get done what has to be done. You are so right! God is the amazing one, I don't know why I fight him on so much! :)