Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Night

Sunday has officially become our family night. I am actually trying to set aside our Sundays as kind of a family day. I am trying to get all of my work done before Sunday and trying to take Sunday's off. I just think we need one day of the week where we don't worry about laundry and house cleaning and school work and planning and well you get the idea. It has worked pretty well the last two weeks and I am planning it again for tomorrow. Last week we had Josh's parents down for supper for family night. They couldn't stay for games, but we enjoyed visiting with them while eating some Powder Keg pizza! After they left, we played Topple with the little girls and then put them to bed. Then we played a couple games of Bananagrams with the three older girls. Did I mention that I won all of the Bananagrams games? Oh no, that would be bragging. I would never actually brag about that! Not me. Okay, yes I won, it was fun! I love winning. Josh said we should have played Monopoly instead. He always kicks my butt at that game. I was glad we played Bananagrams!

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