Monday, November 8, 2010

I Have An Announcement

I know a man who is 64 years old and has never changed a single stinky diaper. Well, that is until last Tuesday!! Ha! Yes, that is right, my father-in-law had managed to avoid changing smelly diapers his entire life so far. How he made it through raising four sons and having 7 grandchildren and not had to do this is beyond me. But last Tuesday night, everything changed. I'm surprised that any of us are alive to tell about it because it is so shocking that we should all be dead from the shock right now! I hope this post doesn't cause any heart attacks to anyone who knows my father-in-law. But anyway, he agreed to watch my three youngest until my mother-in-law got home from work, which should have been for about 15 minutes. But she was running very late and Lydia was very stinky. I figure she must have really really really wanted her diaper changed because otherwise I think he would have made her sit in it until my mother-in-law came home. But sure enough, with Sophia's help, he managed it! I'm so proud of him, aren't you?!


  1. Too funny! But I have to say, I thought your "announcement" was going to be something different. :)

  2. He he, I thought I would get a couple people on that one!