Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not Much To Say

It was a pretty uneventful day here. I had a chiropractor appointment this afternoon so I brought Sophia with me today. We had a good time together, even though she made me eat lunch at McDonald's. YUCK! I don't really like that place, but it is her all time favorite. How could I say no to her? We didn't make it to sign language tonight and Brooke didn't make it to strings, thanks to the rainy/snowy weather. I wasn't about to have us end up 30 miles from home on frozen over roads. Not a chance I'm willing to take with my girls! I guess while I was gone Lydia was mad at her sisters for not giving her any chips. She always seems to choke a little bit on them so we just quit giving them to her. Well, Josh came in the kitchen and said hi to Allison and I guess as soon as Lydia heard his voice she instantly starting crying and screaming like something was really wrong, but a completely forced cry. Josh laughed and did nothing. He said after realizing that he wasn't going to do anything to help her she just gave up, quit crying, and went about her business. Funny little girl!


  1. Glad you stayed safe and off any bad roads! We have about 4 inches of snow up here and the wind is blowing. Hopefully it melts for a good long while yet.
    Marlyn (Mrs. Castro's MOM)

  2. Thanks! I agree, it had better melt. I'm not ready for this yet! Of course, we never are. :)