Sunday, November 21, 2010

What's Wrong?

What's wrong with Lydia? What could possibly make her cry, look in wonderment, and say repeatedly "EW EW EW!!"? You know, just your average dead deer in the house! I'm sure most of you would be feeling the same way as Lydia if you looked on your table and saw an entire deer, skinned and gutted, sitting there. It was disgusting! But hey, it's a good lesson in where we get our food from and I'm always looking for good real life lessons! I'll be nice though and spare you the picture of it!


  1. Wow, lots of posts this weekend! And I haven't been able to get on the computer until now, due to my NaNo crazy family. :) Love seeing all the photos...esp. of you and Allison ready for movie night...what a big smile on her face! And thanks for not posting a photo of the deer. :) Glad to hear you're all doing well! We're bracing ourselves for the first snowstorm of the season...scheduled to hit us on Thanksgiving Day. I'm thankful we're staying home that day!

  2. Yeah I didn't get to bed until after 2:00 this morning...and Josh gets up at 3. I thought about staying up to visit with him but figured that would be pushing it! Glad you enjoyed the pictures! I can't believe I hadn't posted all week. Hopefully I can post more this week. I've been missing your posts though, so hopefully you can post more this week, too! Stay in and stay warm! I hope Henry doesn't have any problems getting to work and home!