Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Almost 4th Birthday Party

Allison's birthday is on Christmas, but this year we decided to celebrate it early. Last year we tried celebrating it Christmas night, but by that evening she was exhausted and really didn't even care that it was her birthday. She was also completely bored of opening gifts. So to make her birthday more special we decided we would just celebrate it early. So she went with Josh and I to town today and picked out a little cake (with a big price!). We picked up pizza on our way home and had a little celebration. After pizza she wanted to open gifts and then finally we had cake. The plan was to watch a movie the girls' had gotten as a Christmas gift, but Allison chose to spend the evening hopping on her new hopper ball instead. She also had time to play with her other toys. Just a few minutes ago, we told her it was time for bed. She came up to me almost in tears and said that she guessed she wanted to watch the movie instead. Nice try sweet pea, better luck next time!!

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