Saturday, December 11, 2010

Emily's 12th Birthday

How is it that she is 12 already? Emily had a bit of a messed up b-day as far as b-days go around here. For starters, Brooke left for school early in the morning, I had a physical therapy appointment that I had to leave for at noon, and then Josh went to work at 4:00 that night. Talk about bad timing! But she took it all in stride. :) We had pizza on Sunday night from the Powder Keg for her birthday supper. And then on her birthday morning we had her favorite lemon bars for breakfast. Brooke left for school before we got going, but it all worked out since she doesn't like lemon bars anyway! Birthday presents were done without Brooke here, too. This was a first for our family. But I guess it is an introduction to reality for us. As the girls get older and busier, it is harder to coordinate everything. But in the end it is all good. Emily was happy with her lemon bars and her gifts. I think it was an enjoyable b-day for her!

Happy 12th birthday my sweet Emily Rose!!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Emily ... my OG just turned 12 as well.
    More than 70 blogs??? - I'm not up to quite that many yet.
    My Mr. B told me he also grilled some steaks out in the snow recently ... that's unheard of down here in S.E. Texas. BOY!! are the littles and I in for a major change whenever our move occurs.


  2. Thanks Julie!

    Thanks Mrs. B. A friend of mine did tell me she does follow about 80 so then I felt better, lol! It might not be so bad if you don't get moved up here this winter. We heard it was going to be a bad one, and oh whoever predicts these things was right on! But the kids don't seem to really mind...they just love to go out and play in the snow! :)