Saturday, December 11, 2010

ND Grillin'

When you live in North Dakota, you just learn to deal with the weather. So when you marry a farmer that loves a good steak, he just learns to deal with the weather. When that farmer buys a steak that they literally just sliced off for you what you wanted and the size you wanted, you better grill it. It doesn't matter if it snowed probably 8 or more inches. You use the snow brush out of the van and clear the snow from the grill and you GRILL those STEAKS!!


  1. What a great photo! That's dedication! We're in the midst of a snowstorm here...up to 10 inches by tomorrow night. Maybe I'll ask Henry if he wants to grill tonight. :)

  2. So did you get Henry to grill? ;) If you asked Josh though I am sure he would tell you it was worth it...the steaks were so good! Funny though because my parents cleared off their grill, too, so they could grill their sausage for breakfast on Sunday morning!