Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sophia's ER Visit

On Saturday night Sophia fell off the couch and hit her head on the coffee table. We had to take her in to the ER to get it fixed up. We thought for sure she would have stitches and were quite relieved when the Dr. said they could just glue it. She gave me permission to put the after picture up on my blog, but not the before. She thought she looked like a scary monster with the bloody open cut! She won't even look at the picture, the poor girl. She is doing great now. Her eye has changed many different colors this week and she likes to look in the mirror every morning and see what color it is!


  1. Poor girl! A least she has a great attitude about it.

    I have one that is very rough and rowdy, a combination for accidents. He's had his head glued several times...


  2. I'm glad she's okay! She looks so brave in the photo.

  3. She was very brave until I took her to the bathroom and she looked at it! That completely freaked her out. Then we got back to the room and I thought she was going to cry and then I would cry, but she stayed strong and didn't break down, thank goodness. She felt much better when she saw it after they glued it. I hope this doesn't start a trend for having to go in and get glued, lol!