Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who Is This Little Girl?

 Could this be my little Lydia?  She sure looks different!  As promised, here are the after pictures of her haircut.

This is Grace "helping" her smile.

I guess this is Lydia "helping" herself smile!

I am pretty happy with the haircut, considering what we had to work with!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Lydia Cut Her Hair...Again

Here's Brooke with Lydia on Thanksgiving Day...before Lydia decided to cut her hair.

Here is the after picture with all her curls washed out.

This is how long the back had finally grown.  I will post a picture of how short they have to cut it after I find someone with an opening.  Getting in for a haircut around here is almost impossible.

Little Funnies

I just overheard Emily asking Sophia if she was ready to practice her guitar to which Sophia responded "I was born ready."  I don't even know where she gets some of this stuff.

I was drying my hair this morning when Allison came running in all excited.  "Sophia said she would give me TWO monies if I empty her garbage for her!"  I thought, wow, Sophia is way to smart for her age, she is probably going to give her a couple pennies and get our of her chore.  But when Allison finished emptying Sophia's garbage, she came in and showed me that Sophia had given her a dollar bill, one quarter, and one penny.  That's a pretty good wage for a 2 minute job!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Red River Zoo

While in Fargo I decided to take the kids to the zoo.  I don't think any of my littles had been to a zoo.  The highlight of the visit was probably the carousal.  It is so pretty and it goes pretty fast for a merry-go-round!  I loved that they had a wagon available since I hadn't brought the stroller.  The Chinese Red Panda was even out that day which was a real treat!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Inspiration For The Stay At Home Mom

These articles are great and just what I need to get me motivated today.  I'm taking the girls to the festival parade today.  It should be in the mid-90's and I really wasn't  looking forward to it.  I was even kind of hoping Lyida's cold would turn in to a fever today so we would have to stay home.  I admit I've even been putting on a bit of a guilt trip on the girls for all of the running I have done for them with softball this last six weeks.  Not a very good mom thing to do.  These articles have set me straight though.  Now I'm looking forward to taking the girls in for the parade!  We'll enjoy the time together watching the parade and then head over to the park for some corn dogs and nachos.  It doesn't matter that Josh is working and it doesn't matter that it will be so hot out.  We can enjoy the afternoon spending time together because really there is nothing else I would rather be doing!  If you need a good reminder of your purpose at home, click the links and read these two articles.  I promise it will do your heart good!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We had such a great day today!  My nephew Nick is visiting his grandparents and we were able to go pick him up and spend some time with him today.  We went to the park for a while and then out for pizza.  The kids played video games with real money, ha ha.  That doesn't usually happen so what a treat for my girls.  Then we headed over to the ball park for Emily and Grace's softball game.  Allison absolutely loves her cousin, Nick.  He showed her how to use her ring pop as a "laser" and shoot him.  She was chasing him all over the place, what a riot!  I think all of the kids enjoyed being able to spend time together.  I hope we are able to see him again soon.  It had been a year and that is just way too long!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Kittens

The girls were so excited to discover baby kittens this morning!  Usually the mama cat hides them and we never see them.  This is the first time this mama cat has had kittens and she seems so much friendlier.  Maybe we will get to play with these ones!  There are two black ones and two white ones. 

State Fair Cancelled

Here is a link to a blog I just read about the State Fair in Minot being cancelled.  They were so optimistic that they could still have the fair, kind of a way to rally the community really.  It saddens me that they had to cancel.  Not because we won't be able to go, but because it is a reminder of how bad things there still are and how much work they have ahead of them.  But they will get through and I do believe as the article says that next year will be great!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Do You LIsten To Pandora Radio?

Have you ever heard of Pandora Radio?  Brooke just told me about it today while I was taking her to camp. So this evening I decided to check it out.  Wow, it is so great!  You simply type in an artist's name or a song you like and it will play it and then it goes on and plays other music like it.  It is so very cool!  Check it out if you want to, it is free at

Thursday, May 5, 2011

April 30, 2011 Snow Storm

I uploaded some pictures to Flickr of the snow storm we had on Saturday.  There were just too many to post on my blog.  So you can see the album here.

It had rained  all afternoon and evening on Friday.  Friday night at about 11:00 the wind really came up but it was still just raining.  We woke up Saturday morning to an all out blizzard.  The heaviest, wettest snow ever!  It wreaked havoc on the power lines and trees.  We lost power Saturday morning at about 4:00 and it didn't come back on again until Monday night.  Thankfully my in-laws have a generator so we were able to make it up to their house around supper time when the snow finally stopped.  We stayed there and had warm water, heat, food, tv, and yes, even internet.  We were the lucky ones!  Many people stayed home with no power and no water.  To top it off, many people in Williston ended up with water in their basements because they couldn't run their sump pumps.  What a mess!  It really makes me appreciate being home and being able to do laundry and even cleaning house seems kind of nice!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Told You She's A Girly Girl

I knew in the last post that I was missing a big story.  This is naptime on Monday.  She was sooooo tired.  She was nearly falling asleep when I was reading to her.  So when I left the room I thought it was a sure thing.  I went out to do school with Em and Grace only to come back later and find that she had gotten my make-up bag and was getting herself all fixed up!

So then this morning I am getting ready, having forgotten all about Lydia playing with my make-up.  When I went to put the concealer under my eyes it went on a very sparkly brown!  I can see why we don't put eye shadow under our eyes!  By the time I finished putting on my make-up, let's just say I was looking a bit orange.  It wasn't my best make-up day.  So I washed up my make-up brushes and hopefully tomorrow I will look a little better!

Nail Polish?

No, it's not nail polish.  It is actually white out.  We were all busy watching American Idol.  I had already gotten up once to answer the phone and busted Lydia in her sisters' room wreaking havoc.  But we all got busy watching the show again and not long later when the phone rang again I discovered Lydia with the white out.  I was really mad.  But then I looked at what she had done.  Lucky for her she didn't really get any on the floor.  I couldn't help but giggle when I saw that she had simply thought it was nail polish and painted not only her fingernails, but also her toenails.  What a girly girl, huh?  
I think I could probably start a blog just on the things that Lydia gets into right now.  It is most definitely the terrible two's with this one.  At grandma's this weekend she was playing in the toilet and finding things in the entry cupboard that she wasn't supposed to have.  On top of that I feel like all we do is clean up after her disasters, whether it is things she's not supposed to be in or even just the toys she scatters over the entire house.   
I'll just end this by saying that it is a darn good thing she is so cute!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Free Book!!

Hey, check this out, it's a FREE book!  It's called "31 Days to Clean - Having a Martha House the Mary Way."  Apparently if you tweet or blog about this e-book, she will send you a copy free!  Wow, I can't give that up.  I have read about this book before on another blog and of course I thought it looked interesting.  I hope this works!  Check it out for yourself at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee .  Let me know if you get one!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Parenting Is Not For The Lazy

I read this on my new favorite blog tonight and it is exactly what I needed tonight after a long, overwhelming day:

Parenting is not for the lazy. There is no quick fix or easy solution to raising children that honor God.  Children require quantity time—our time. Repetition is endless. Sometimes they need us to stand up for them and sometimes they need us to stand up to them. We cannot be afraid, nor can we be too tired. We must not grow weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Gal. 6:9) So, we must do our best and then do some more…more guiding, more loving, more correcting, more listening, more rebuking, more encouraging….more, more, more.

It encourages me for my tomorrow!  You can read the whole blog post here.  While you are there, check out her book.  I am hoping to get back to reading it pretty soon and plan to post my own little review...but don't hold your breath on that one...I've been planning to get that done for a few months now!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


So here is a run-down of today's happenings:
  • Church and Sunday School were canceled thanks to our wonderful winter in March.
  • I took Josh's pick-up in to Fairview to check the roads and pick up a few more groceries that ran me just under $50 for practically nothing...again.
  • Major snow drift so there was no way we would get out with the van.
  • Canceled Brooke's Music @ The Hall event, due to the bad roads.
  • Realized after I got home from the grocery store that I forgot to buy Josh his coffee...again.  We only had enough for a 1/2 pot and if you know him, that is not nearly enough.  Sent him to work tonight with an extra Pepsi.
  • Busted Lydia in the bathroom giving herself a haircut.  She took a little off of both sides, a pretty good job actually.  However, good thing I caught her when I did because it would have gotten ugly real soon.
  • Road report shows that Josh will more than likely being driving home on "no travel advised" roads again tomorrow morning.  
  • Neighbor stopped in and told me I wouldn't be taking Brooke to school tomorrow thanks again to the snow and wind.
  • Cancelled fiddle lessons for tomorrow.
  • Emily has a boil on her leg that really, really hurts.  Poor girl.
  • Sophia is coughing like crazy.
  • Lydia sat in bed and whined until after 10:00 tonight.
  • Yeah, I was crabby.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brooke's Little Buddy

Brooke and Lydia really bonded on our trip to Rapid City.  They shared a bed for the three nights we were gone.  Usually at bedtime Brooke was sitting in bed using the laptop and Lydia would snuggle in with her until she would fall asleep in Brooke's arms.  It was so sweet and just melted mine and Brooke's hearts!  So today Brooke was cleaning her room and I went in and there was Lydia sitting on her bed.  She was all snuggled in with a book and a little container of Chocolate Teddy Grahams that Brooke gave her.  Brooke was busy cleaning away and Lydia was just so content watching and snacking.  It was adorable.  It reminded me of me and my sister.  I have fond memories of my sister cleaning her bathroom at home when we lived in Minot.  She used to put me up on the chest that was in there and play games with me.  She would tell me to pretend I was in a boat or a car and to drive fast!  I don't know exactly why that sticks in my mind so vividly, but it does.  So seeing how Brooke and Lydia have bonded lately just brought back such good memories.  The only difference is that I was a little older than Lydia so I can remember where as Lydia probably won't remember.  But hey, isn't that what this blogging is all about?  Preserving memories.

My Littles

It was a lazy Saturday here since we are basically snowed in with no four wheel drive.  Allison and Lydia went through numerous outfits today.  It will be fun to show them these pictures when they are older.  I love the picture of all three standing with Sophia in the middle with her arms around her sisters.  She saw me take a picture of Alli and Lydia and went up behind them and said how about this mom!  I loved it!  It is a rarity for her to be able to do that without one of the girls getting mad and wanting her to back off!

Lydia Being Cute

What can I say?  She was just in the mood to have her picture taken so I snapped away while she let me.  I also posted a picture on my POTD blog if you want to see another cute one, as if all of these aren't enough!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sophia's 6th Birthday

Sophia had quite the birthday this year since we were on vacation in Rapid City.  We took the kids to Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse on her birthday.  Supper was a quick stop at the McDonald's drive thru.  Luckily at her age she still thinks that is a treat!  We found a grocery store and she picked out a cake.  It was so delicious.  She opened presents and spent the rest of the evening in the hotel room playing with her new toys and getting ready for bed.  It was a fun day for her.  She is still waiting though because this is the year she gets a birthday party.  I'm hoping to get that done in a couple weeks.  I'm hoping she picks bowling since that seems to be the easiest party for her age.  She seems so big now that she is six!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's not very often that Brooke lets me take her picture.  But she had to let me this day because she had to send a picture in for winning that essay contest.  Here are a couple of them...figured I better get pics of her up while I had the chance!

Brooke's Essay for English

Qualities of a True Hero   

      In present day, what, in the eyes of society, is considered to be a hero?  Fictional characters from comic books and television series have corrupted the minds of young children by causing them to believe that a true hero must possess superpowers and a cape in order to save the world.  Even adults can be brainwashed into believing that the heroes only exist if their good deeds have been publicly displayed.  But a true hero, such as my dad, must present qualities of wisdom, a good work ethic, and unselfishness.
     Wisdom is a quality that is overlooked by people in society.  While strength and courage are given characteristics of the common fictional hero, oftentimes people ignore the need for wisdom in the actions of a hero.  My dad is an excellent example of how wise decisions can affect the lives of many.  For several years now, my dad has made important choices for our family according to what will best benefit us in the present and the future.  He plays a fair, unbiased referee in family arguments and sees the point of view from each side.  Also, when politics become an issue at work or at home, my dad avoids making judgments before he has heard the defending arguments of the opposing parties.  Even when tempted by the luxuries of one decision, my dad shows true wisdom by doing what is right.
     Along with wisdom, a good work ethic is also a highly respected quality of the modern-day hero.  A person must be willing to work hard to make a difference in the world.  In his five years in the oilfield business, my dad has missed only one day of work because of icy roads due to a recent blizzard.  He works hard to support our family financially, and also does his share helping out at home.  Most importantly, he sets a good example for my sisters and I by teaching us that willingness to work is an imperative factor of contentment and success in life.  A hero that shows a good work ethic proves to be a reliable role model for  children and adults looking up to him.
     Last but not least, unselfishness is a value that is often hard to find.  Unrealistic heroes have a sense of pride and selfishness about them, but true heroes are humble and considerate of others.  My dad has devoted his life to supporting the thing he cares about the most; his family.  Through good times and bad, he has always focused on what matters the most.  If a friend, or even a complete stranger, is in need of help, my dad doesn't hesitate giving that person what he needs.  He shows consideration for others in the simplest of ways by showing common courtesy at all times.  By showing unselfishness, an ordinary person possesses the most necessary quality of an extraordinary hero.
     While a fictional hero displays desirable qualities that anyone would want, sometimes we need to take a few moments to reflect on what a true hero is.  Wisdom, a good work ethic and unselfishness are all excellent qualities of a hero.  Ordinary people, including my dad, who possess these qualities, often make the greatest heroes of all. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Found: One Green Elephant

Brooke just found Ellie!!  He was behind her bed, where Allison naps.  He was right there.  I swear I looked there last night.  Whatever, I am just so happy she found him!  I tried waking Allison up to show her but she was LONG gone, snoring and all.  So Brooke laid him next to her so she would have him in the morning.

Thanks Brooke!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Allison, Elephant, and Playtime

Have you seen this elephant?  He's lost.  I thought Allison would be crushed.  She loves that elephant.  But what do I know?  I asked her if she lost her elephant, expecting her to end up in tears.  But no, she was very matter-of-fact when she told me he had simply "died".  Where did that come from I have to wonder?  Funny thing is if she had been upset about it, I probably would have just told her it was okay and to find another stuffed animal to sleep with.  But since she said Ellie had died, that really bothers me and now I find myself somewhat determined to find him.  So please, if you have seen him, let me know!

Tonight while Allison was getting ready for bed she came out and told Sophia "Today I am playing with Lydia.  So the next day I will play with you.  And the day after that I will play with Lydia, okay?"  We all got a kick out of her scheduling her playtime with her sisters.

Sophia's Opinion

We babysat Bristol and Tucker on Friday.  It was a constant fight, but I finally got my turn after lunch to give Tucker his bottle and hold and love on him for a while.  But in the morning, between all the girls fighting over him I didn't get to hold him even once.  I love this picture of Sophia holding him.  She sits there a really long time perfectly content holding him.  She is growing up so fast.  So while I was taking pictures, I said to her, "I suppose you want mom to have another baby now, too."  See the older girls constantly beg me to have another one.  But her response cracked me up.  With a big grin she told me, "Yeah, a boy one!"

Preparing the Cake

Emily and Grace had such a great time baking and decorating Lydia's cake.  This was their first time doing something like this so it certainly was a new experience for them.  They had fun and worked really well together.  I think I will let them do this more often.  They learned a lot and I think they have many ideas how to improve on it the next time.  By the time my birthday rolls around, they might even be professionals!