Friday, January 28, 2011

More Music @ The Hall

This is Emily on guitar and Grace and Sophia singing along to Taylor Swift's "Our Song". It is a favorite at our house and I love to hear them playing and singing together.

Music @ The Hall

Brooke planned a great jam session at our new hall building in January. Roads were questionable that day, so we were very thankful to have a few people show up! It was a lot of fun and really good for the kids to have people to play their instruments with. Brooke is planning to have another one in February and hopefully we can eventually get a nice big group there to play. It is a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I wanted to put up a video of Brooke playing, but the one video I had she said she messed up on so I can't actually post it. I will try to get more video next time! The next post will have a little video of the other girls, though.

Who Wears The Pants In Our Family?

Last Sunday Josh and I were having a discussion with Brooke. You know, one of those all important discussions with a teenager. Basically, Josh was the referee between Brooke and I and our "female hormones". So at the end Josh told Brooke to just remember who's the boss...he was referring to me. But he paused and said, "Well I'm the boss. I mean I wear the pants...your mom just tells me which leg to put in first." Much laughter followed that remark. I had to add in that I pick out the pants, buy them for him, and wash them. I don't know, maybe you just had to be there, but it was very, very funny!


Yeah right. She is a teen girl now. So do you think I could get a picture of her to put on here tonight? Nope, not happening. She did say I could take some tomorrow so we will see....


When Emily was in Kindergarten I compared her picture with my Kindergarten picture and we looked so much alike! Now I don't see it much anymore.
Sometimes these two can look so much alike, but in this picture I think they look completely different. But they are so much alike in personality. There are even times in the van when I will look in the rear view mirror and see Sophia and think it is Emily.


This picture was funny because Sophia wanted to take a picture of me and Grace and little Allison snuck into it! We didn't mind though.

More Sophia


Sophia insists on giving herself bunny ears all of the time!!

I messed with the color on this one and as you can see I have absolutely no idea what I am doing! Oh well, she's still a cutie!

More Allison

Can you tell she loves her elephant?


More Lydia

Okay, so I did get a smile after all!

This face? Well, I don't know what to tell you about this one!


This is Lydia taking a picture of me when I was taking one of her.

As close as I could get to a smile today.

The real thing.