Friday, January 28, 2011

More Music @ The Hall

This is Emily on guitar and Grace and Sophia singing along to Taylor Swift's "Our Song". It is a favorite at our house and I love to hear them playing and singing together.


  1. Love all the photos of your girls - they are adorable & you look young enough to be their older sister ...
    Also enjoyed the music video ... I find it "interesting" to hear folks from the North sing C&W songs with a southern drawl (my step-niece's, who have lived in Montana their entire lives, also do this), but when they talk ... even when one strains to listen - no southern drawls.
    Well, at least they are learning a little bit of "correct", aka southern American English - even if it's just singing - LOL! (just joking)

  2. Hi Mrs. B! I'm glad you like the pictures. I needed to get some up for my mom and dad to see since they haven't been able to make it up here in so long. That's sweet that you think I look young! :) I noticed that southern drawl right away when they started singing that song, too! I thought now where did that come from, lol!! And you are right, there is absolutely no drawl to be heard when we talk. They must just pick it up as they hear it on the song. I'll have to send them down south for some REAL lessons!! :D Have a great day!