Friday, January 28, 2011

Who Wears The Pants In Our Family?

Last Sunday Josh and I were having a discussion with Brooke. You know, one of those all important discussions with a teenager. Basically, Josh was the referee between Brooke and I and our "female hormones". So at the end Josh told Brooke to just remember who's the boss...he was referring to me. But he paused and said, "Well I'm the boss. I mean I wear the pants...your mom just tells me which leg to put in first." Much laughter followed that remark. I had to add in that I pick out the pants, buy them for him, and wash them. I don't know, maybe you just had to be there, but it was very, very funny!


  1. I so remember those discussions in this house. They are well worth keeping on to get the finished products that come from them! Come to think of it, we still have discussions, but I am NOT the boss anymore! I didn't have to be there to enjoy the post. Keep humor in your parenting when possible! Mrs. Castro's mom (Marlyn)

  2. Thanks Marlyn! I bet you did have a few of those discussions at your house raising those girls. And what a fine job you and Bob did!