Sunday, February 27, 2011

Found: One Green Elephant

Brooke just found Ellie!!  He was behind her bed, where Allison naps.  He was right there.  I swear I looked there last night.  Whatever, I am just so happy she found him!  I tried waking Allison up to show her but she was LONG gone, snoring and all.  So Brooke laid him next to her so she would have him in the morning.

Thanks Brooke!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Allison, Elephant, and Playtime

Have you seen this elephant?  He's lost.  I thought Allison would be crushed.  She loves that elephant.  But what do I know?  I asked her if she lost her elephant, expecting her to end up in tears.  But no, she was very matter-of-fact when she told me he had simply "died".  Where did that come from I have to wonder?  Funny thing is if she had been upset about it, I probably would have just told her it was okay and to find another stuffed animal to sleep with.  But since she said Ellie had died, that really bothers me and now I find myself somewhat determined to find him.  So please, if you have seen him, let me know!

Tonight while Allison was getting ready for bed she came out and told Sophia "Today I am playing with Lydia.  So the next day I will play with you.  And the day after that I will play with Lydia, okay?"  We all got a kick out of her scheduling her playtime with her sisters.

Sophia's Opinion

We babysat Bristol and Tucker on Friday.  It was a constant fight, but I finally got my turn after lunch to give Tucker his bottle and hold and love on him for a while.  But in the morning, between all the girls fighting over him I didn't get to hold him even once.  I love this picture of Sophia holding him.  She sits there a really long time perfectly content holding him.  She is growing up so fast.  So while I was taking pictures, I said to her, "I suppose you want mom to have another baby now, too."  See the older girls constantly beg me to have another one.  But her response cracked me up.  With a big grin she told me, "Yeah, a boy one!"

Preparing the Cake

Emily and Grace had such a great time baking and decorating Lydia's cake.  This was their first time doing something like this so it certainly was a new experience for them.  They had fun and worked really well together.  I think I will let them do this more often.  They learned a lot and I think they have many ideas how to improve on it the next time.  By the time my birthday rolls around, they might even be professionals!

Lydia's Second Birthday - Presents

Lydia's Second Birthday - Cake

Emily, Sophia, Lydia, Grace, and Allison with Lydia's big heart birthday cake.

Waiting for her cake.

I'm not sure but she must be excited about her cake?!

Eating her cake.

No manners needed on your second birthday.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

Lydia was in trouble this afternoon so Josh put her in her bed and shut the door. The other girls were told they couldn't go in there. It wasn't too long before Lydia was off the bed and at the door trying to peek through. Allison was right there to talk to her and try to get her out of trouble. I heard Allison ask her if she was going to be nice. After she answered yeah, Allison ran to Josh to tell him that Lydia was going to be nice now. Well, Josh said she was still going to have to stay in her room a while longer, so back to the door ran Allison to tell Lydia that Dad had said no. She stayed there quite a while keeping Lydia company. I thought it was so cute to see Allison standing up for her sister and trying to get her to do the right thing.

The Things They Say...

We were in the family room hanging out this afternoon. Sophia and Allison were excited because their friends Jeff and Macy were coming out later. That is what started this conversation anyway. So I started listening at the point where Allison sat up super straight on the couch and had a huge smile on her face and said excitedly, "I want to marry Jeff, cause I LIKE HIM!" Almost instantly Sophia answered with a sing-song "Oh ye-ah, oh ye-ah, now I don't have to marry him!"

Poor Jeff. He just really likes Sophia. He's even talked about marrying her someday. But Sophia just isn't interested at all. It is so funny! But, all is not lost for Jeff. Allison really really likes Jeff. She gets so excited when he comes over to play. He walks in all excited to see Sophia, but first he has to get through Allison who is always right in his face saying "Hi Jeff!" The last time he was here he even had Lydia right there after Allison to say "Hi Jeff!" It is going to be interesting to see where this all ends up in the long run!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lady Bugs

Allison just showed me a picture of lady bugs in the book she is looking at. Lydia does NOT like the picture of the lady bugs. It brought back a funny memory of when Brooke, Emily, and Grace were little. We were at the Festival Parade in Fairview. I would say Brooke must have been about 7, Emily about 4, and Grace around 2 1/2. While waiting for the parade to begin, Brooke and Emily found a lady bug and were keeping busy playing with it. They built it a little house with rocks and were just so happy to have this lady bug to play with. Next thing they knew Grace saw the lady bug and instantly, without a second thought, she stepped on it! Brooke and Emily were furious. Grace didn't think anything of it. I was trying very hard to keep from laughing out loud while I comforted Brooke and Emily. Ah, good times!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Brooke Is Going To Washington, D.C.

That's right, Brooke won a trip to Washington, DC! Our electric cooperative had a contest for its members. She had to write a two page essay on how electric cooperatives can reach out to young adults using new technological devices and social media. She got the phone call today informing her that she is the winner from our cooperative! So she gets to take a week long trip this summer, all expenses paid. What an excellent opportunity for her! Way to go, Brooke, we are so proud of you!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yes, Another Blog.

Yes, I did it. I started another blog. It's an obsession maybe? No really, it is just a picture a day blog. My friend Brandy and her mom decided to start a photography/blog project where they decided to do a photo each day for one year. I bought Brandy's old camera and decided that with Emily and Grace's help I could try to join them. I started a month late, but that's okay. You can check out all of our blogs here:

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