Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lady Bugs

Allison just showed me a picture of lady bugs in the book she is looking at. Lydia does NOT like the picture of the lady bugs. It brought back a funny memory of when Brooke, Emily, and Grace were little. We were at the Festival Parade in Fairview. I would say Brooke must have been about 7, Emily about 4, and Grace around 2 1/2. While waiting for the parade to begin, Brooke and Emily found a lady bug and were keeping busy playing with it. They built it a little house with rocks and were just so happy to have this lady bug to play with. Next thing they knew Grace saw the lady bug and instantly, without a second thought, she stepped on it! Brooke and Emily were furious. Grace didn't think anything of it. I was trying very hard to keep from laughing out loud while I comforted Brooke and Emily. Ah, good times!

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