Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brooke's Little Buddy

Brooke and Lydia really bonded on our trip to Rapid City.  They shared a bed for the three nights we were gone.  Usually at bedtime Brooke was sitting in bed using the laptop and Lydia would snuggle in with her until she would fall asleep in Brooke's arms.  It was so sweet and just melted mine and Brooke's hearts!  So today Brooke was cleaning her room and I went in and there was Lydia sitting on her bed.  She was all snuggled in with a book and a little container of Chocolate Teddy Grahams that Brooke gave her.  Brooke was busy cleaning away and Lydia was just so content watching and snacking.  It was adorable.  It reminded me of me and my sister.  I have fond memories of my sister cleaning her bathroom at home when we lived in Minot.  She used to put me up on the chest that was in there and play games with me.  She would tell me to pretend I was in a boat or a car and to drive fast!  I don't know exactly why that sticks in my mind so vividly, but it does.  So seeing how Brooke and Lydia have bonded lately just brought back such good memories.  The only difference is that I was a little older than Lydia so I can remember where as Lydia probably won't remember.  But hey, isn't that what this blogging is all about?  Preserving memories.

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  1. Sweet Memories makes you feel all warm inside.