Sunday, March 27, 2011


So here is a run-down of today's happenings:
  • Church and Sunday School were canceled thanks to our wonderful winter in March.
  • I took Josh's pick-up in to Fairview to check the roads and pick up a few more groceries that ran me just under $50 for practically nothing...again.
  • Major snow drift so there was no way we would get out with the van.
  • Canceled Brooke's Music @ The Hall event, due to the bad roads.
  • Realized after I got home from the grocery store that I forgot to buy Josh his coffee...again.  We only had enough for a 1/2 pot and if you know him, that is not nearly enough.  Sent him to work tonight with an extra Pepsi.
  • Busted Lydia in the bathroom giving herself a haircut.  She took a little off of both sides, a pretty good job actually.  However, good thing I caught her when I did because it would have gotten ugly real soon.
  • Road report shows that Josh will more than likely being driving home on "no travel advised" roads again tomorrow morning.  
  • Neighbor stopped in and told me I wouldn't be taking Brooke to school tomorrow thanks again to the snow and wind.
  • Cancelled fiddle lessons for tomorrow.
  • Emily has a boil on her leg that really, really hurts.  Poor girl.
  • Sophia is coughing like crazy.
  • Lydia sat in bed and whined until after 10:00 tonight.
  • Yeah, I was crabby.


  1. And today is another day and life goes on. It will get better, I promise!! We all have those days that make us just want to crawl back in to bed.

  2. Yes, today was much better. We were stuck at home again, but at least I accomplished a lot!