Thursday, May 5, 2011

April 30, 2011 Snow Storm

I uploaded some pictures to Flickr of the snow storm we had on Saturday.  There were just too many to post on my blog.  So you can see the album here.

It had rained  all afternoon and evening on Friday.  Friday night at about 11:00 the wind really came up but it was still just raining.  We woke up Saturday morning to an all out blizzard.  The heaviest, wettest snow ever!  It wreaked havoc on the power lines and trees.  We lost power Saturday morning at about 4:00 and it didn't come back on again until Monday night.  Thankfully my in-laws have a generator so we were able to make it up to their house around supper time when the snow finally stopped.  We stayed there and had warm water, heat, food, tv, and yes, even internet.  We were the lucky ones!  Many people stayed home with no power and no water.  To top it off, many people in Williston ended up with water in their basements because they couldn't run their sump pumps.  What a mess!  It really makes me appreciate being home and being able to do laundry and even cleaning house seems kind of nice!


  1. That's pretty wild! You promise it will be sunny and warm when we're there, right?? Glad you all made it through the storm okay.

  2. Oh yes, I promise no snow! Other than that I can't promise much for warm weather the way this spring is going! Nice to hear from you. I am planning to send an email to you today. I started last night but then the power kept going off because of the lightning! UGH! :) Talk to you soon!

  3. Hi Shelly Kay,

    I am finally upacked and we are getting settled in up here.
    After the power was restored and I went out and about around town, I was so thankful that I'd grown up on the Gulf Coast. Power outages are pretty common down there and being prepared for them is a normal part of everyday living. The outage did not shock or effect us in any significant way.
    I felt really bad for all the folks up here who seemed to have been so unprepared.
    I hope we will have an opportunity to meet soon.

  4. Mrs. B,

    I hope you get this comment, for some reason my blog made me approve your I never saw that you commented. :( I'm out of town right now, but when I get home I'll send you an email so we can catch up and see about meeting up somewhere! :)