Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Told You She's A Girly Girl

I knew in the last post that I was missing a big story.  This is naptime on Monday.  She was sooooo tired.  She was nearly falling asleep when I was reading to her.  So when I left the room I thought it was a sure thing.  I went out to do school with Em and Grace only to come back later and find that she had gotten my make-up bag and was getting herself all fixed up!

So then this morning I am getting ready, having forgotten all about Lydia playing with my make-up.  When I went to put the concealer under my eyes it went on a very sparkly brown!  I can see why we don't put eye shadow under our eyes!  By the time I finished putting on my make-up, let's just say I was looking a bit orange.  It wasn't my best make-up day.  So I washed up my make-up brushes and hopefully tomorrow I will look a little better!

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