Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nail Polish?

No, it's not nail polish.  It is actually white out.  We were all busy watching American Idol.  I had already gotten up once to answer the phone and busted Lydia in her sisters' room wreaking havoc.  But we all got busy watching the show again and not long later when the phone rang again I discovered Lydia with the white out.  I was really mad.  But then I looked at what she had done.  Lucky for her she didn't really get any on the floor.  I couldn't help but giggle when I saw that she had simply thought it was nail polish and painted not only her fingernails, but also her toenails.  What a girly girl, huh?  
I think I could probably start a blog just on the things that Lydia gets into right now.  It is most definitely the terrible two's with this one.  At grandma's this weekend she was playing in the toilet and finding things in the entry cupboard that she wasn't supposed to have.  On top of that I feel like all we do is clean up after her disasters, whether it is things she's not supposed to be in or even just the toys she scatters over the entire house.   
I'll just end this by saying that it is a darn good thing she is so cute!


  1. Oh, you're right. She is so dang cute! It's a good thing that you have your blog to help you remember all that she does.

  2. Oh, but there's more. I found more pictures from this weekend. That's the next post, but I decided to try and catch up on my POTD posts first!

    I'll be showing her these blogs when SHE has a two year old little stinker! :)