Saturday, July 16, 2011

Inspiration For The Stay At Home Mom

These articles are great and just what I need to get me motivated today.  I'm taking the girls to the festival parade today.  It should be in the mid-90's and I really wasn't  looking forward to it.  I was even kind of hoping Lyida's cold would turn in to a fever today so we would have to stay home.  I admit I've even been putting on a bit of a guilt trip on the girls for all of the running I have done for them with softball this last six weeks.  Not a very good mom thing to do.  These articles have set me straight though.  Now I'm looking forward to taking the girls in for the parade!  We'll enjoy the time together watching the parade and then head over to the park for some corn dogs and nachos.  It doesn't matter that Josh is working and it doesn't matter that it will be so hot out.  We can enjoy the afternoon spending time together because really there is nothing else I would rather be doing!  If you need a good reminder of your purpose at home, click the links and read these two articles.  I promise it will do your heart good!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We had such a great day today!  My nephew Nick is visiting his grandparents and we were able to go pick him up and spend some time with him today.  We went to the park for a while and then out for pizza.  The kids played video games with real money, ha ha.  That doesn't usually happen so what a treat for my girls.  Then we headed over to the ball park for Emily and Grace's softball game.  Allison absolutely loves her cousin, Nick.  He showed her how to use her ring pop as a "laser" and shoot him.  She was chasing him all over the place, what a riot!  I think all of the kids enjoyed being able to spend time together.  I hope we are able to see him again soon.  It had been a year and that is just way too long!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Baby Kittens

The girls were so excited to discover baby kittens this morning!  Usually the mama cat hides them and we never see them.  This is the first time this mama cat has had kittens and she seems so much friendlier.  Maybe we will get to play with these ones!  There are two black ones and two white ones. 

State Fair Cancelled

Here is a link to a blog I just read about the State Fair in Minot being cancelled.  They were so optimistic that they could still have the fair, kind of a way to rally the community really.  It saddens me that they had to cancel.  Not because we won't be able to go, but because it is a reminder of how bad things there still are and how much work they have ahead of them.  But they will get through and I do believe as the article says that next year will be great!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Do You LIsten To Pandora Radio?

Have you ever heard of Pandora Radio?  Brooke just told me about it today while I was taking her to camp. So this evening I decided to check it out.  Wow, it is so great!  You simply type in an artist's name or a song you like and it will play it and then it goes on and plays other music like it.  It is so very cool!  Check it out if you want to, it is free at